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Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation 2020 Reviews: Top 8

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Before presenting you with our best memory foam mattress foundation 2020 reviews let's first explain why you may need to use a mattress foundation and not just lay the mattress on the floor. One major reason may be the fact that your warranty may be invalid if you lay your memory foam mattress on the floor, rather than on a regular foundation or base.

Another is that your bedding will be lying on the floor - liable to get dirty fairly rapidly. In addition to that, your mattress will have no protection from dust mites living on your skin cells lying on the floor, and if that is not enough, from occasional insect and spider attacks. A raised bed provides many different types of protection. Apart from all that, it's easier to get onto your mattress at night and onto your feet in the morning if you are above floor level. So let's assume that a mattress foundation is a good thing to have!

In our Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation 2020 Reviews I will explain:
  1. The types of mattress foundation that are suitable for memory foam mattresses.
  2. Our top 8 memory foam mattress foundations in 2020.
  3. A Buyers Guide to help you make your choice.
  4. Some questions we are frequently asked about memory foam mattress foundations.

Types of Mattress Foundation For a Memory Foam Mattress

There are three commonly used types of mattress foundation that we can recommend. These are:

  • Solid platform bases - these are good as any foam mattress foundation.
  • Slatted bases - this is a good memory foam foundation.
  • Metal frame foundations - generally a foldable memory foam bed frame.
  • Adjustable bed frame for memory foam mattresses.

First, here are our top 8 best memory foam mattress foundations in 2020. These are presented in our personal order of preference. You may not agree with us, but you can use our information and our Buyer's Guide to come to your own decision.

We are using the King size foundation for our review.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

1. Zinus Upholstered Diamond Memory Foam Foundation

This is a slatted wood memory foam foundation. The wooden slats are closely spaced for maximum strength, while still maintaining a good level of air circulation. The upholstery is a soft grey material with diamond stitching with dark grey buttons. Any noise is avoided by the foam padded tape that covers the steel frame. This foundation is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King.


Editor's Notes: The styling is excellent, with a soft grey upholstered headboard decorated with darker grey buttons. This frame remains silent even with the more vigorous night-time activities. It is well suited as a foundation for any type of memory foam mattress and you will find it very easy to assemble.

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2. Zinus 14″ DeLuxe Slatted Wood Memory Foam Mattresses Frame

The Zinus 14-inch DeLuxe wood mattress frame provides slatted wood support for the mattress. This can help increase your memory foam mattress's life. The frame is padded with foam to reduce any noise and a Velcro-like tape is stuck to the wooden slats to prevent any movement of the mattress. The only issue is that this frame is not intended to be used with a headboard or footboard.

With Mattress:

Editor's Notes: This is a high quality memory foam mattress foundation - or a foundation or any type of mattress to be honest. The solid wood construction will look good in any bedroom, and it offers excellent support for a memory foam mattress. Although the King size is 0.5″ less than the standard King size mattress size, it seems to hold it well with no issues. All it means is that there may be a quarter-inch overhang all round. This will not affect a memory foam mattress, but it could affect an innerspring mattress that is fitted with strengthened sides.

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3. Zinus Upholstered Square Foundation

The square here refers to the way the headboard is buttoned - in a square shape rather than a diamond shape. Otherwise, these are similar but of different dimensions. The headboard is covered with dark grey upholstery stitching a square pattern. The steel frame is padded with foam tape to prevent noise while in use - as the diamond Zinus foundation above.

Editor's Notes: This is similar to the slatted wood memory foam foundation above (our #1 choice). We would likely put this first equal were it not for the dimension issues mentioned above. Otherwise, it is another excellent wooden slatted foundation.

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4. Zinus Premium SmartBase

Then Zinus SmartBase is a steel framed memory foam foundation. It has 17 inches of under-frame clearance which offers good under bed storage space if you need it. Once delivered, you need no tools to assemble it. It is best for mattresses of between six and ten inches thick. It can be fitted with a headboard, but unlike the Zinus foundations above, it does not come with one. You need to ask the supplier for SmartBase headboard brackets.

Editor's Notes: The Premium SmartBase is a good quality steel framed memory foam mattress foundation. Like those above, it can be used for other types of mattress, since no foundation is suitable for only one type of mattress. It meets the need for memory foam mattresses best not to be used on box spring foundations. Your bedroom floor is protected by the plastic caps that sit under the legs. However, there is a level of self-assembly required which might put some people off. Some have found it more stable when the wing nuts are tightened with pliers.

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5. Olee Sleep Steel Frame

The Olee Sleep steel frame is suitable for memory foam mattresses. Its steel construction can support the heaviest mattresses, and its foldable design enables it to be easily moved between rooms. The tools needed to put it together are provided in the package. There is a 13-inch high space underneath it for storage boxes or any other form of storage. It is an excellent, stable foundation for any mattress but particularly memory foam mattresses that are not normally recommended to be supported by a box spring foundation.

Editor's Notes: This steel frame is suitable for most foam mattresses, and, like those above, is kind to your floor. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. It is silent in use and does not rattle when you move as some less well designed frames of this type do. It can be moved between rooms without having to take it apart. It is easy to assemble using the tools provided.

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6. Classic Brands Adjustable

The Classic Brands Adjustable mattress foundation includes a massage feature and two USB ports (both on the same side of the bed). The elevation positions are programmable as are the head and foot massage features. The features can be controlled by means of a wireless remote control handset.

Editor's Notes: This adjustable mattress foundation can be used with memory foam mattresses. It should be noted that the thicker then mattress, the less noticeable the massage feature. That's because it operates from the surface of the frame. This is a good, high quality memory foam adjustable mattress foundation.

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7. Classic Brands Hercules

The Classic Brands Hercules heavy duty memory foam mattress foundation is built to withstand heavyweights. If you are heavy built, then this is ideal for you. It is an excellent mattress foundation and frame in one, made from black steel with 13 inches of storage space underneath.

Editors Notes: On the face of it this looks to be a good foundation for a memory foam mattress One issue is the warranty appears to be handled by a third party. That said, it seems as though the firm's Customer Service is good, and that issues are generally resolved quickly. A positive aspect is that tools needed to put this memory foam mattress foundation together are provided in the package.

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8. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform

The LUCID Foldable Metal Platform is a suitable foundation for memory foam mattresses. Because it is foldable, it can easily be moved between rooms or folded for storage. The heavy duty wire grid renders it suitable also for latex, polyfoam and innerspring mattresses. It offers similar benefits to other metal grid foundations.

Editor's Notes: See our Buyer's Guide below for more details of how to fit this type of frame together. Some appear to find problems with fitting such frames securely so they remain stable and quiet when in use. Often, when frames loosen up and become noisy, and even shaky, it is because the screws/bolts have not been tightened enough. Once you experience this, tighten everything up again and the issues should disappear.

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Buyers Guide to the Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

When you are intending to buy a memory foam mattress foundation keep in mind that all you really need is a stable base on which to place the mattress. Memory foam is designed to work on a non-giving surface, meaning one that does not absorb the pressure of the mattress but instead supports it. What does that mean in practical terms?

What it means is that you can lay your memory foam mattress on the floor if you want but preferably not on a box spring foundation. Here's why:

Box Spring Foundations: Boxspring foundations comprise a wooden frame containing steel springs secured within the frame. This type of foundation is designed to absorb the pressure of the mattress above it. However, the traditional type of box spring foundation is not suitable for use with memory foam. They are best for innerspring mattresses, so do not use a box spring base for your memory foam mattress. Also, refer to our FAQ section later.

If you do so, you may invalidate your warranty. If you want to use this type of foundation then first contact the mattress manufacturer for advice. Make sure this is the manufacturer and not the retailer, because retailer advice might not be supported by the manufacturer. So it's easiest not to use this type of foundation. Stick with our advice!

So it's the floor or a foundation either designed for a memory foam mattress or one that does itself not compress when pressure is applied to it - such as a box spring foundation. The floor can be difficult for some people to get down to or get up from, and also seems to be very Spartan to some people. It also does not allow air flow all round, which may lead to the formation of mold on the surface in contact with the floor.

Your serious options are wooden or metal foundations that support your mattress without absorbing its compression. You basically have two options wood or metal. Each has its own benefits. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Wooden Mattress Foundations: Wooden foundations generally tend to look better in a bedroom than metal frames. They look part of the furniture, and if needed can be painted to suit any color scheme you wish to use. Wood is a strong material, so don't think that is will support you any less than steel. Steel is also good, but if the wood is good enough to hold up your roof, it's certainly Ok for your bed!

Metal Mattress Foundations: Metal foundations are also strong, obviously! However many people feel that a metal mattress frame will provide better support than a wooden foundation. This is not always the case, because the weight the foundation has to support depends on the thickness of the metal frame and the bars/wires that support the body of the mattress. If the bars that run across the width of the frame bare too thin, they may cut into the mattress. The foundations we have chosen provide good support for your memory foam mattress.

Adjustable Foundations: This type of mattress foundation is usually of a metal frame construction. It enables the user to adjust the angles of the major areas of the bed. You can raise the head, the foot and change your sleeping angles. Some involve manual adjustments, although the majority of modern adjustable mattress foundations are operated wirelessly.

There are some, known as 'wallhuggers', that glide you back as it raises your head, and keeps you in line with your nightstand. Those in our review are not of this type. A benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they respond well to angle changes. It is generally not possible to use this type of foundation with innerspring mattresses, but it can be used with latex and polyfoam mattresses in addition to memory foam.

Anti-Slide Designs: Many mattress foundations are designed so that the mattress cannot slide around on them. This is generally achieved using sticky tape or some other anti-skid covering such as Velcro. Others may be designed in a framed design, with lips to prevent the mattress from moving one way or the other. Some are fitted with a footboard or foot retainer rail to prevent the mattress sliding down the foundation.

These are the most common types of memory foam mattress foundations. If you lay your mattress on the floor, on a sheet of plywood or on a box spring foundation, you would possibly breach your warranty. Try to avoid this if at all possible.

Our Recommendations: If you have a memory foam mattress, we recommend that you choose either a slatted wood or a metal frame foundation. Slats and metal bars allow air circulation round the mattress while in use. Adjustable foundations also permit an acceptable level of airflow while you are sleeping.

These are all the tips you should need when shopping for a memory foam mattress foundation. Our best memory foam mattress foundation 2020 reviews should give you enough information to purchase the best for your needs. It is often better to purchase online than from a mall store. Not only do you have a wider choice of products, but you can check out the warranty details and what you need to do to choose the best product to meet your needs.

Constructing a Mattress Foundation: When you are constructing your foundation you may have to use your own tools. Some provide the tools needed in the package. It is very important to follow the instructions provided exactly, and not cut corners because "You know better"! Make sure all screws are driven in fully and that the parts are connected tightly. Nuts/bolts should also be tightly connected.

Some parts may be connected with butterfly or wing nuts. It might pay you to use pliers or a spanner to tighten these better than you can by hand. Fundamentally, make sure that everything is connected tightly with no movement when you pull on them. Otherwise, frames may rattle and make a noise when you move around in bed.

Now here are some questions that people ask us before they make a decision to purchase.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation: Frequently Asked Questions

When compiling information on how to choose the best type of mattress or mattress foundation for our needs, we often make good and bad decisions. Here are some of the more common questions we have been asked regarding memory foam mattress foundations.


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