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Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Oval

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Oval face hairstyles (500x304)

An oval face shape has a length that is 1.5 x the width.  The forehead and jaw are of similar width, the widest point of the face being the cheek bones.  The jaw and forehead are gently curved in shape.


Hairstyles that Flatter an Oval Face Shape

Your first consideration is your hair texture – what will your hair do easily?  Choose a haircut that works with your hair texture.

With your balanced shape, you have the most options when choosing hairstyles.  What you have to think about, is where your features are placed on your face, and whether one of the three zones (forehead, nose, mouth/chin) are longer than the others.

  • If your forehead is the longest proportion, go for a fringe (bangs) to make is less prominent
  • If your lowest third (mouth/chin) is the longest proportion, then have some hair that either goes to or past your jaw, or some volume at the nape of your neck.

Also consider your neck.

  • For a long slim neck, you can go for shorter, pixie cropped hair, or an angled, concave bob.
  • For a wider shorter neck, wear your hair longer, past your shoulders.

Remember, that volume at the crown will make your face look longer (more oblong).  Long straight hair that goes past your chin will also make your face look longer and more narrow.  Volume around the ears makes your face look wider (more round), but height at the crown as well as volume at the sides will keep your face looking balanced.

Long layers work well, to give you length and width

Concave bob with or without a fringe

Pixie crop if you have a shorter jaw and smaller feminine facial features with large eyes


Hairstyles to Avoid

If your eyes, or nose are not symmetrical, avoid a center part which divides the face into two equal pieces and makes asymmetry more obvious.

Avoid any hairstyle that requires too much maintenance.  If you resent the time it takes to do your hair properly, look for a different hairstyle!


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