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Best Gifts To Get A Jane Austen Fan

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG
Best Gifts To Get A Jane Austen Fan (by guest blogger Marcela de Vivo) The most difficult aspect of shopping for a committed Jane Austen fan is that they have probably already read all of the Austen books and have seen all of the movies that have been inspired by her work.
There are, in fact, only six books, so it’s probably not a good idea to try and re-gift something that they probably already own or have at least already read through a couple of times.
For the Jane Austen super fan, you’ve got to get a lot more creative than that, and luckily for you, the life and work of Austen has inspired a lot of trinkets, memorabilia and themed products that make great gifts for someone who is a fan of her life and work.
You might have to do some digging, but usually it’ll just take a few minutes online to find some of these products and pinpoint the perfect solution for your Austen fan.
Here are a few of the best Jane Austen-themed gift ideas:
1. Pride and Prejudice: The Game
It may surprise some people, but there is actually a Pride and Prejudice board game. It’s a fun multi-player game that’s based on the novel, and includes all of the main characters. The perfect gift for an Austen fan; just be ready to play it with them after you’ve gifted it.
Best Gifts To Get A Jane Austen Fan 2. Jane Austen Action Figure
There are plenty of boxed Jane Austen action figures that are collectible and will increase with value as they age. While it might sound weird to think about Jane Austen and “action” figures in the same sentence, any fan will certainly be excited to have a collectible doll of one of Austen’s characters.
3. Jane-A Day Journal
The Jane-A Day journal is a five-year Austen-themed journaling book, with each page featuring a memorable quote from Austen’s writing. The book cover and edges are styled in a charming Jane Austen fashion. This is a simple and thoughtful gift idea.
4. Jane Austen Inspired Candle
Paddywax offers a series of candles based on literary figures. The “Jane Austen” candles come in soy, so they burn for a long time and make great gifts. The packaging and labels gives them most of their Austen-ness, but the scents are inspired by her books, thus contribute to the theme as well.
5. Membership to the Jane Austen Fan Club
The Jane Austen Society of North American or “JASNA”, costs $30 to become a member. This makes a perfect and simple gift for any Austen fan who you might know. The membership can be purchased at the JASNA website.
6. Jewelry Inspired by Austen’s Novels
You can find jewelry inspired by Austen’s work in a lot of different places, but Etsy would probably be the best place to look. These items make perfect, inexpensive gifts that work for just about any occasion.
7. Boxed set of Books or DVDs
If all else fails, and especially if you know that they don’t own all the books or movies, go with a boxed set of novels or DVDs. As always, it’s better to be more creative, but if the person you’re gifting is a fan, but doesn’t own all the novels or movies, this can work quite nicely.
Wrapping Up
Once you have your gift, you can kick things up a notch by adding some Austen-inspired wrapping paper orgift boxes. If you couple that with one of the gifts in this list, you’re certain to make the day of the Jane Austen fan you love.
Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from the Los Angeles area. Her writing covers everything from holistic health, gifting, marketing, and DIY crafting. You can connect with her and her latest projects on her Facebook or Twitter!

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