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Best Free Traffic Source Blogging Vs Video Marketing

Posted on the 07 August 2017 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal
In my opinion blogging and video marketing are the best traffic source special for affiliate marketers, the reason why is because they work in any niche and you can tap into them for a little investment and you can start seeing the result very quickly. That is why I recommend blogging and video marketing, I commonly get a question from people whether they should focus on blogging or video marketing. So I want you to settle down and read my thought.
Blogging vs Video Marketing

Let Talk About Blogging

One thing I like about blogging is that once you figure out the code, the best way to layout your content and keep your visitor interested, the Traffic Floodgates will Open. It does take some time that is the disadvantage of blogging but once you figure it all out, the traffic would come in for many years to come and you will be surprised how long blog can generate traffic once you do the right stuff.

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Another advantage of blogging is that, is one of the only free traffic sources you can Outsource without anyone knowing. What I mean is that, once you find a good ghost writer who can use your style to create good content for you, very few people will be able to tell that is not you writing the content.

Blogging is easier to scale up once you find a good writer and someone who is decent at doing SEO. you can do this all for free when starting out, so don't worry about it if you are not in that stage of hiring people.

Another benefit of blogging is that if you are Shy on Camera and you have not overcome that fear, you can just focus on typing on the keyboard and still see a great result on any niche out there. it just takes some time to breakthrough like I just thought about.

Blogging is some kind hard, you need to know how to layout your content, how to do headline sub-headline, know how to get your visitor to read each line instead of jumping from different part 2 page, it takes a time to master that but once you do that. Google will reward your blog once you break through and grab that code.

Another thing I like best about blog is that once your visitor land on your blog, you have full control of the process, you can do different thing like get them to sign up for email list, get them to check out affiliate product you are promoting, you can promote your own product, you can get them to subscribe to your social network, you can get them to watch your video.

It is so much you can do on your blog once they are there, am a big fan of blogging but it takes time to crack it, blogging is still going to be an effective way to make money online.

Let Talk About Video Marketing

the benefit of videos is that you can create something and see traffic result very quickly, am talk about a week or two, you will start to notice your effort is paying off with video marketing. In addition to that, Video does tent to Stick Around for many years if you hit the right spot. And another thing I like about video is that is really hard to comprehend the amount of traffic that flooding out if your video is good quality.

If a video tends to rank, not only the Google search engine but the youtube search, and if your video is done correctly you can get a lot of traffic from the youtube home page.

Video Marketing Is more expensive if you want to do it properly, for example, using a high-quality camera, Good lighting, microphone, etc, but you can do it with an iPhone and cheap microphone. But it'll help you to have an extra edge with your video when using quality equipment. Additional, it also takes some Practice to get comfortable on camera, projecting your voice the right way, getting comfortable with hand motion and having that on screen is required to keep people attention.

Is almost the same as writing a good blog post. In my opinion, video marketing is hard to Outsource. If you want to create that brand image you obviously have to be on camera, so it really hard to get some else to do it for you.

Am not say is not possible to hire someone to do it for you, I have seen many channels that are completely outsourced, so it definitely possible but is more work and more headache in my opinion, but it can be done. 

If I have to pick between blogging and video marketing, I will put 60% my effort into video marketing, it doesn't mean you can get crazy traffic with blogging, you can, I just believe people are gonna be consuming more video here and out. 

Now to answer the real question which is better, blogging or video marketing, what I will recommend that you should do is to combine them both. On your blog post embed your youtube video and on your youtube video embed article within the video itself and link to your blog in your youtube video, so you can create the circle of traffic that will grow both properly.

that is my opinion for today about blogging vs video marketing which is the best traffic source, hopefully, you grab some idea from it

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