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Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

By Kencoul

No matter the application (work or just daily use), F150 trucks go through a lot. And while it's easy to look at the exterior and buff out the chipped paint, the interior gets largely unnoticed. But then one day you realize that the floor mats are dirty, there are marks on the dashboard, and the seats are absolutely filthy. Any truck owner will tell you that cleaning the seats is an absolute pain. To save yourself from that, you can easily get a nice set of seat covers. That way not only does the original fabric remain untouched, cleaning the seat covers is a relatively simple exercise: take the covers off, wash, dry, and put 'em back on. If you've missed out on the simple-yet-efficient use of seat covers or are looking to replace old seat covers, take a look at the best Ford F150 Seat Covers in our latest guide below.


Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

Universal Appeal

Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

Slip-on cover

Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

Waterproof and cleanable

Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

Best F150 Seat Covers – Expert Review and Guide

Available as a set of two seat covers (for the individual front seats), the FH Group Leatherette seat cover is made of faux leather/leatherette, so you get the leather-like look on the seat but without the high maintenance of leather seats. You can choose from a variety of color and seat options and depending on those choices the pricing varies. We've selected the front seat cover in black.

It has a sideless design, which not only allows for the seat belt buckle but also makes it usable with airbag-equipped F150 trucks. Its non-slip backing keeps it in place whereas the seat cover itself comes with some added cushion for improved comfort. It's also water-resistant (on the surface; don't forget that the sides are still open) and it's more breathable.

Installing the seat cover is easy, and there's some added practicality too - there's a built-in pocket. It's also got metallic accents on the sides, which make the interior look less drab. The listing mentions that it's made for seats with detachable headrests, works with seat belts, and as mentioned above, will work with the side airbags as well. You can also buy separate armrest covers for your truck to match the seat cover.

The FH Group Black Leatherette Seat Cover is the best choice if you want an easy-to-install seat cover for your F150. It looks good, is water-resistant, and with a non-slip backrest, it stays in place. You'll need to drop the seller a message about compatibility and warranty to ensure that you get the seat cover that fits your F150 truck's seats perfectly. It won't cover the entire seat, and if that's a concern, this one is not for you.

If you've got a bench seat to cover, this universal car seat cover by Seat Covers Unlimited is a good choice. Depending on how you like your F150's interior, you can choose from a variety of colors. We've selected the one in gray because it just works with a variety of interior and exterior color choices. It's a one-piece seat cover but comes with all the essentials: holes for the seat belts, pockets to stow small items, and coverage for the entire bench.

The installation for this kind of a seat cover is easy, mainly because of the simplicity of the wrap-around design. You're just required to slip the cover on to the seat and then tie it from the back. These, called Saddle Blanket seat covers, are made of a heavy-duty material that is said to withstand everything daily use throws at it. Cleaning these isn't a problem at all either, not only because of the easy installation/removal but also because it's not a special material that needs special care.

If you're looking at a simple-but-effective way of saving your F150's factory fabric from everyday abuse, the Saddle Blanket seat cover makes a lot of sense. Drop the seller a message about a warranty (because the listing has no information on that) and also compatibility. Depending on the model, you might be required to get other pieces like headrests, armrests, etc. So keep that in mind while making the purchase.

The users have mixed opinions about the cover. A large percentage of buyers enjoy the cover, but owners have also pointed out that the cover begins to disintegrate after some use. A few have suggested not put it in the washing machine. Since this is a basic cover, it's unlikely to have openings for airbags, but confirm with the seller. It won't be an issue with classic trucks but it might become one with the newer (around 2012+) models.

Another sideless seat cover on our list is the Plasticolor cover. The main advantage of a sideless cover is that it's easy to put on and maintain. Since it covers a large part of the seat, you also don't need to worry about it fitting perfectly all the way around. That's a disadvantage - because the sides are always open, they're bound to get dirty over time. But an advantage with most sideless covers is that they prove no obstruction to airbags. The Plasticolor model is an inexpensive version and is sold individually. But when you buy the seat cover, you get a cover for the headrest as well.

The cover itself can be tied to its back part using straps. The leather-like vinyl might not be the most expensive-looking material, but it does the job. It's also got a cargo pocket at the back and embroidered logo for a nice appearance. It's universal, so it's expected to work on all F150 trucks, but it might not be the case; more on this in the section below. The cover is made to provide comfort regardless of the weather - that's a solid positive, and not something factory/leather seats can claim.

Drop the seller a message about warranty; no information about it is available in the listing. Regarding the compatibility, keep in mind that while this is a universal/one-size-fits-all model, there's a chance it doesn't fit well on certain F150 models. To ensure there are no surprises about fit, check with the seller about it by mentioning your truck's exact model name and year. Users have mixed opinions: most of them like its low cost, leather-like feel, and ease of use. Confirm its use on electrically adjustable seats and whether the seats with airbags will be compatible.

Made for the front seats only, the Endura seat covers for the Ford F150 are camo fabric and are a waterproof, cleanable seat cover. It's made of Endure, a heavy-duty fabric that can withstand everyday abuse that work truck seats get. This one's compatible with the Ford F150 pickup made with the model years 2004 - 2008. The product fits on the 40/20/40-split seat.

Engineered for a tight fit, it also offers full coverage at the back and has map pockets included. Seat belts are integrated, but there's no word on airbag compatibility. The durable fabric enables the seat to be cleaned without taking the cover off, and that makes a lot of sense if you travel with your kids or pets. Depending on the model, you can also opt for a full set (if your F150 has rear seats as well). The seat cover is backed by a one-year warranty, it's stain and UV resistant, and is machine washable as well.

Although pricier than other models, the Durafit Endura seat cover looks like the best choice for heavy usage. You'll need to drop the seller a message confirming the overall compatibility - and if you have any further doubts like airbag compatibility. Users have been happy with the product, especially with the overall look and durability, but a few have mentioned that it tends to fade.

Offering coverage for all the seats (two front seats and rear bench), the FH Group seat cover is made of neoprene, comes with adjustable straps, and most importantly, is airbag compatible. It's made for F150 trucks with detachable/adjustable headrests and the ones without leather seats (it's not recommended to be used with leather). There are other options to choose from - for cabin coverage (all seats or front seats only) and color (this one's black).

These heavy-duty covers are also waterproof - thanks to an additional water-proof layer. The package includes two front covers, one rear backrest cover, one bottom cover for the rear bench, and five headrest covers. These all can be washed in a washing machine as well. The inside of the cover has a non-slip texture to hold it in place.

These neoprene seat covers aren't just practical, these are fairly inexpensive too. And thanks to compatibility with airbags and heated seats, you wouldn't feel like you've spent on something cheap, either. Drop the seller a message asking about compatibility and warranty, to ensure you get the model made exactly for your F150. Users are happy with the fit and the price, but some users have mentioned concerns about the overall quality and durability.

What are the best Ford F150 seat covers?

The list here represents a variety of Ford F150 seat covers, depending on your requirements. You can opt for the FH Group Full Seat Cover if you're after full coverage from a seat cover that's also water-resistant and doesn't skimp on features like airbag compatibility. The Durafit Endura is also a solid choice but in camo. If you're okay in choosing a sideless cover, the Plasticolor model that's made of vinyl can't be missed. The Seat Covers Unlimited Saddle Blanket seat covers might be universal in fit, but makes for a worthy choice for bench seats. The FH Group Leatherette model is our all-round champion. It looks decent, and while it doesn't offer full coverage, it comes with necessary features.

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