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Best Comics of the Week: Zod #1

By Appraisingpages @appraisjngpages


Man of Steel was a huge hit and win for DC. No matter what the media want you to think. The movie made tons of money(it still is making tons of money). Not only at the box office, but also in merchandise. Obviously Superman is a comic book character, but movies and their success will affect a comic book. It’s a very connected relationship now. All media effects each other. So I was interested to see what aspects of the comic would be influenced by the movie. I loved the movie and LOVED Zod in the film.

This comic was fantastic. It established Zod as a heatless idealist. He’s a warrior at heart and has no mercy. I was pleasantly surprised to not see Man of Steel rewritten for the comic book. Instead I found an orgin and story that kept the “iconic” aspects of the character intact, but also went a new direction we hadn’t seen in the movie. The one major aspect I noticed that was clearly directly from the film was Faora…and if I’m honest that is the one aspect from the film I would have been disappointed to see change. I loved the character in the film. She was probably my favorite, and a lot of that had to do with her look. I love that they kept her looking almost exactly how she appeared on-screen. Good call by the art team. Side note: Where is our Faora #1? I feel like she deserves one.


Over all this comic was great. It made me want a Zod monthly comic. I would be more likely to read that than a Superman one if I am honest.

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