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Best Chest Workout Routine

By Mia_patterson

Best Chest Workout Routine With Dumbbells

Chest Workout Routine
If you want to build awesome pecs you need to do the very best chest exercises that you can find. Naturally, in any normal gym you will find many workout machines for chest exercises that you can use as much as you like but what if you just have some dummbells and still want to get those pecs pumping?

Here is my suggestion for the best chest workout routine with just dumbbells:

1. Chest presses - You can do the chest press with a barbell but I actually prefer using dumbbells because you don't need anyone to spot you while using dumbbells. In the worst case scenario, you just push them off to the sides.
You can do chest presses in a variety of ways, on a straight workout bench, on an incline bench to work the upper chest, or on a slightly declined bench to work the lower. You can add to the intensity of the workout by lying on a stability ball while doing the chest press so you also work those stabilizing muscles. And, if you don't have a bench or a ball lying around, you can also lie on the floor, although this will limit your movement a bit.
2. Single handed chest presses - If you really want to pack on the weight, you can do the chest press with one hand. This will usually allow you to use a heavier dumbbell since you're only using one arm. With your free hand, you do want to hold on to something for support, like a door jamb, or the leg of a sturdy table. Then, you just do the chest press with one hand. It is a killer exercise.
3. Chest flies - To work the inner chest, you want to do dumbbell flies. You can do these on a bench in a variety of angles or on a stabilty or bosu ball for added intensity. The various angles target the different areas of the pectoral muscles for a more diverse and complete workout.
4. The one handed chest flies is an advanced version of the two handed one. You will need to support yourself with your free hand to keep yourself balanced. Then you do a regular fly but with just one hand. You will be able to use a heavier weight. Don't forget to work both sides.
5. You can finish the workout by doing push-ups on your dumbbells. This has a double benefit:
You can go lower during your pushups since you're a bit elevated.If you're using round dumbbells, you need to put quite a bit of effort into stabilizing yourself during your movement.All in all, it is possible to get an awesome chest workout with dumbbells alone. Use these exercises to build your pecs.

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