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Best Camaro Tuners (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

By Kencoul

The Chevrolet Camaro with its all-new 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine won the 2016 Motor Trend Car and Truck of the Year awards. It is because it's lightweight, with a well-designed body and engine to effectively improve its world-class sport truck performance and dynamics. These could have been some of the factors why you have purchased it. However, if you still want to have an additional oomph to this already well-packed vehicle, you might want to check out what programming can do to it. We have collated the best Camaro tuners in the industry today to help you quickly find the device that will help you put in additional improvements to your truck.

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Unlock your Camaro's hidden performance potential wirelessly with the help of the SCT iTSX/TSX. With proper tuning, you can achieve the maximum horsepower and torque, increase the throttle response, experience firmer shift and improve your miles per gallon consumption.

SCT iTSX/TSX Tuning, Monitoring and Performance Testing

The SCT iTSX/TSX is a wireless dongle that you can connect to your iOS or Android device. Yes, it does not come with a screen. However, it is actually more advantageous as you don't get to experience freezing screen due to poorly designed devices with low memory. This also allows you to minimize the number of gadgets that you put on your dashboard, that could potentially distract you when you're driving. Don't forget to download the SCT application on your app store or Playstore. Once you have set up the free app, insert it to your OBDII port and connect it on your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

The SCT iTSX/TSX is available for both diesel and gas. Diesel tunes include performance, street and towing. On the other hand, gas tunes include 93, 91, 87 octane and economy as applicable.

You can do various things with this dongle. First, of course, is the tuning. The SCT iTSX/TSX comes with several pre-loaded tunes that were rigorously tested to ensure that they can deliver the much-anticipated performance. However, in case you have added a blower, turbo or nitrous to your vehicle, you need to acquire a customized tune from SCT or from a trusted dealership. This will ensure that you can still make use of these added truck boosts after the tune is loaded.

After you have tuned your truck, you might want to check how the drivability and fuel efficiency has improved. You can do it through performance testing. You can conduct a 0-60, quarter mile or a break-in test. You can also do it before the tuning so you will have a clearer baseline for better assessment. You can forward the acquired data to your email in case you need to record them or you want to share it with your friends who are still undecided what to buy among all the Camaro tuners available in the market.

You can thoroughly monitor your gauges through this device. It shows real-time data for up to 6 parameters that are easily readable on-the-fly. It is customizable based on your needs and preferences.

Still undecided after reading all these features? Grab your mobile phone and download the application to experience an interactive demo. You can also watch a video that thoroughly explains why it is the best Camaro tuner in the market today.

Why it's the Best Camaro tuner?

If you hate "hiding" wires on your dashboard, this device is a must-have. It also has the full-packed feature so you do not need to purchase several devices that could monitor and perform a test after the tune. With these remarkable advantages, you are definitely maximizing your money's value.


Small and wireless

Pre-loaded with tunes

Thoroughly monitors everything under the hood

Allows you to do a performance testing


Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles

Jet Performance Programmer

The Jet Performance Programmer is perfect if you are on a budget. This tiny and affordable yet powerful device improves your truck's drivability and MPG with just a few manual calibrations. You can also use the pre-loaded tune that comes with it but if you want to maximize your truck's performance and you have the knowledge and experience, the manual tuning is ideal.

Manual Tuning with Jet

The Jet Performance Programmer is a recommended tuner if you are on a budget and you know what your truck truly needs to improve. Some programmers have pre-loaded tunes that you cannot furtherly alter, thus, they could not deliver you the necessary performance that you are expecting. This device solves that problem for you. This will allow you to come up with a specialized tune according to your daily needs, such as the right adjustment on your tire size, throttle response, and transmission shift. In case your child plans to borrow your truck, plug it in first and decrease your speed limit so you're guaranteed that he won't be going home with an over speeding ticket.

The Jet Performance Programmer ensures that it won't inflict any damage under the hood. That way, you can experiment on different parameter settings. In case you are not happy about the tune, you can always go back to your stock tune that it automatically backs up, and calibrate a new tune once again.

Why should you purchase it?

If you're concerned about the price, the Jet Performance Programmer is your best bet. Don't buy a tuner that will hurt your home budget for a week. Additionally, if you are an experienced tuner, this device saves you a lot of money as you are not paying extra for features that you do not need.

Superchips Flashpaq F5 Pro

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Pro is a great option if you have added some aftermarket parts. This device allows you to improve your speed and power for pulling loads through customized programs from Superchips or any partner tune dealers. This will ensure that the calibration matches your setup, therefore, you won't be experiencing unnecessary performance.

Custom Tuning and Monitoring

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Pro can save as much as 4 customized tunes. To ensure that you will be loading the right program on your truck's computer, you need to initially download the stock tune by connecting your device to your OBDII port. When you're done, connect your device to your computer and it will distinguish it as a device so the folder will be automatically opened or you can look for the "Powerteq" file. On the Custom Tunes folder, you will see the Stock saved as an EPQ file. Send the file to your chosen tuning company via email as it will be their basis on how they will create the right program using the HP Tuner VCM Suite. You can either request for a single tune by mentioning how you'd like to improve the drivability of your truck or you can request for 4 different programs that attend to towing, speed, gas mileage or maximum performance. Once you have received the new files, save it on the same folder. Don't forget to make a copy on your computer for backup. However, please take note that the price of a custom tune varies per provider. Once you're ready to put the needed power on your truck, the custom files should be available in the tuning menu option. The process is very straightforward and usually takes about 15 minutes.

Don't forget to update your device every 90 days so you can take advantage of the latest features Superchips continuously offers to their users. Updating can be done by connecting it to your computer and it's free of charge.

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Pro also allows you to monitor the performance of your truck. You can set up to 8 truck parameter IDs to help you assess if there are real improvements or if the loaded tune meets your daily driving needs. It also helps you assess if there is something wrong under the hood. In that way, you can immediately visit a trusted mechanic to have it fixed before it gets serious.

Why you should purchase it?

If you have added some upgrades of to your Camaro, there's a high chance that you won't be able to make use of those when your truck is programmed differently. When you use a customized tune, you are guaranteed that you are not wasting your money as you can maximize its performance along with the added aftermarket purchases. You are guaranteed your truck's computer is directed towards how it should really function.

Bully Dog GT Platinum Performance Tuner

Regain the power your Camaro used to have by using the Bully Dog GT Platinum Performance Tuner. This device is the newest update on their gas tuner line that allows you to increase speed, improve your fuel mileage and boost the torque for seamless towing capabilities.

10 Custom Tunes with Driving Coach

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Performance tuner comes with three pre-loaded tunes namely Tow/Economy, Regular and Premium. For your Camaro, make sure that you are using a 91 to 93 octane fuel to use the Premium. If you are using 87 octane fuel, use the Tow or Regular tune. Never attempt to use the Premium tune as it could potentially damage your engine or you won't experience better performance after.

If you have added some aftermarket parts on your truck and you are not happy about the performance of these pre-loaded tunes, you can always contact Bully Dog or any SCT Tuning Dealers so they can provide you with various modifications that will match your current setup. The device can store up to 10 custom tunes so you can request different calibrations that attend to specific performance concerns. This will allow you to do aggressive testing to help you find the right ECU program for your truck.

Bully Dog GT Platinum has a Driving Coach. It is an exclusive program that basically assesses your driving habits. It will give you a thorough guideline on how you can improve your performance on the road to ensure that you are not inflicting damage to your engine. It also gives you a thorough guideline on how you can maximize your truck's fuel efficiency.

Why you should purchase it?

If you are someone who likes to explore various performances on your truck, the Bully Dog GT Platinum is your perfect mate. The fact that it keeps as much as 10 tunes will help you find the right calibration that will match your driving style. Additionally, it offers rigid assistance on how you should improve your habits on the road so your truck will achieve its optimum performance.

Tune Your Camaro Today

Hesitate no more! If you want to experience your Camaro's optimum performance, tuning should never be missed. In case you are still skeptical about how it can be very beneficial, watch each product's suggested videos and see how these renowned Vloggers have improved their truck's drivability with just a few minutes of installation. Once you have experienced a tuned truck's performance, rest assured that you will never want to go back to stock.

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