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Best Arm Exercises for Men

By Menscience

Nothing stands out more in the gym than having massive and well-defined arms. While there might be a genetic factor to determining the overall size and growth of your arms, there are some very great exercises you can use to develop your biceps and triceps.

Biceps and triceps tend to be one of the most highly trained muscle groups by men. Because of the simplicity of exercises, many men have a tendency to stick with basic bicep and tricep exercises such as standard curls and triceps pull downs. However, here is a list of less frequently used exercises that will really shock and grow your arms.

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Hammer Curls

Hammer Curls are done by simply using a neutral grip versus a standard grip while curling. This exercise engages the front part of the biceps muscle more than the regular bicep curl and also gives the forearm some action.

Reverse Curls

Reverse Curls are another great exercise that shocks the front part of the biceps muscle. This exercise is done by simply using a supinated or reverse grip with a barbell. This exercise is also good at developing great forearms.


At the end of any biceps workout, perform three sets of varied curls for 15-20 reps. This is known as suicides.

Overhead Tricep Extensions

These extensions are performed by taking a set of dumbbells and extending them from behind your neck and over your head. This is a direct challenge to the triceps and does not require a lot of weight to be performed correctly and effectively. A barbell can be used in this exercise too.

Plyo Push Ups

Many men love showing off how many push ups they can do, but can you actually do a push up that is explosive? Try pushing your own bodyweight up in an explosive fashion and clap in the air before coming back down. This exercise will help develop triceps, biceps and forearms.

Close Grip Bench Press

Shortening the grip of your bench press forces you to use more triceps to perform this exercise. This is another less frequently used exercise when it comes to developing thick triceps.

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