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Best 5 Innovative Tablets That Might Be the Next Big Thing

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Dreamtechie

Year in and year out, new gadgets sweep the market. This time around, tablets are getting popular for its wide usability and increased portability. There are many things a tablet can offer to people. Tablets are getting cheaper too. Because of this, it is slowly becoming a necessity, just like when cellphone were first introduced in 1990′s

Today, top tablet manufacturing companies, constantly reinvents this helpful device to efficiently help the users and take over the market. They have added a lot of features to improve user experience. In the coming years, these innovative creations might shape the market and build better tablets for the people.


 Innovative Tablets

 Let us look at these innovations and see how far they can go.

Sony Digital Paper

Sony aims to replace papers and use tablets instead. Because of its light and thin exterior, the tablet can be easily carried around. It is easy to carry as well, just like any office files. The device mimics paper. It has the same ease of reading just like in Kindle, and a responsive pen based screen. You do not have to scroll down so you use it the way you are reading reports on papers. Sony Digital Paper allows you to easily write down notes, share files, and synchronize reports and more.

The user experience of this tablet is beyond amazing. However it is not good enough to replace papers. Kindle hasn’t made that effect with e-books, so we doubt this innovation can. However it will definitely be a big thing in the future since most people prefer lightweight devices with multi-function capabilities.


Sony Waterproof Tablet

Waterproof devices are not new in the tech world. Actually it has been in the market for ages. It comes and goes. But in the coming years, more tablets and devices, might adapt this function thanks to Sony Experia. Their latest tablet to hit the market is Sony Experia Z2. Sony claims that Z2 is the thinnest and lightest waterproof tablet in the market. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat powered by 2.3GHz quadcore Snapdragon with 3GB RAM, so it is definitely fast and responsive.

The Experia line already established its name on the smartphone and tablet market. It made waterproof phones cool. We see this booming in the next few years, especially when devices are getting expensive, and a mist or a rain can easily damage your beloved tablet.


Fujitsu Haptic Tablet

“Touch” is the key player of all tablets, but who knew that one day “feel” will become possible in tablet usability? Fujitsu currently finished their first tablet prototype that enables people to feel the images displayed on the tablet. According to the company, feeling of slipperiness, roughness can be conveyed in the tablet through ultrasonic vibrations. The tablet creates an illusion of slipperiness by giving high-pressure air layer just above the screen. While it gives high- and low-friction ultrasonic vibration zones to create rough feeling. The tablet is planned to be sold in 2015.

The haptic tablet by Fujitsu is fascinating, and is definitely an innovation to the tablet market. But is its touch function more important than functionality? Maybe we should see until it is released.


Samsung Foldable Tablet

With the creation of flexible AMOLED display, it is not surprising to hear that Samsung will be unveiling bendable tablets on the 2014 Mobile World Congress. The device lets users choose a laptop or tablet mode, where the user can fold the device in 90 degrees. Samsung has already rolled out this technology on their Galaxy smartphones, although it was not highly perceived well by the consumers.

The foldable tablet display may not be so in right now, but it has a high potential because it improves durability and usability of phones. With new Samsung tablet to be presented this year, maybe the world will have a different look on these foldable gadgets.


HP Lab 3D Display for Tablets

3D capable phones are not highly perceived by the market but maybe with this latest 3D innovation, the traditional displays might shift to 3D. HP labs is currently working to create hologram like images, produced from smartphones and tablets. It produces 180 degree images from as many 200 different viewpoints. These plan aims to go beyond the conventional 3D and transform you straight to a sci-fi movie. Who even thought that this could be possible?

This is probably the gadget every tech geeks and nerds have been waiting for, but we think it could take more trials and errors before this even happens. If HP labs do succeed in making this soon, have you imagine how much bandwidth and data storage it needs? Would a tablet handle that?

These are just few of the tablets that would hit the market in the coming years. Whether these innovative tablets become a hit or a miss, time can only tell. For now, let us anticipate and hope that these can make tablets of the future better.

 Author Bio:  Maddy Bertelsen is a writer for different newsletters and blogs. She has been writing since she was in college, and took her first job as writer for a writing service company after graduation. She is currently a member of

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