Best 2020 Guide On How To Get Rid of Dark Circles For Men

Posted on the 23 February 2020 by Lina Twaian @linatwaian2
How To Get Rid of Dark Circles For Men

Lately, skincare and medical experts are talking about how to get rid of dark circles for men and what are the causes of dark circles or bags under eyes.

They will all offer a similar explanation that will always begin with something like “there are many reasons for this issue”. That’s right. It is never just fatigue, aging or even genetics that cause you to struggle with under eye darkness, circles or bags. It could be a long list of issues.

The area around the eyes is very fragile. Because the skin in this area is much thinner than the rest of the face. The eye blinks around 10,000+ blinks per day. And this is a lot for such area with a thin skin.

And because of this, there is no surprise that the area under the eyes is the first to show fatigue, dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

In this article, we are going to look at the causes of under eye circles in order to help you find the best ways to eliminate them. After all, if you are using a product that addresses specific issues, while those issues are not the cause of your under-eye circles or bags, it is a waste of time and money! So, let’s first look at the causes and then help you find the products that will help you overcome this unwelcome issue.

Know How To Get Rid of Dark Circles For Men And Their Causes

So, just what are the many causes of under eye circles that we must know about if we are to easily eliminate under eye circles? The list is very extensive and includes:

  • Aging – Skin thins and you lose certain types of fat as you age (mostly collagen), which can make the blood vessels beneath the eyes more pronounced
  • Allergies, Eczema and Hay Fever – The inflammation and swelling that these issues cause leads to darkening of the tissue around the eyes. As you rub the eyes, it can worsen it.
  • Contact dermatitis – The irritation may be due to bad reactions to skincare products, but also allergies in general. The skin swelling and rash it leads to can appear beneath the eye
  • Fatigue – The body makes cellular repairs as you sleep. If you are not sleeping well or enough, the tissues and cells are not rejuvenated and you experience stress. This affects the circulation and forces the body to send less blood to the skin, leading to circles under the eyes.
  • Genetics – Many of us inherit an array of issues from our parents, and under eye darkness can be one of them.
  • Pigmentation – Uneven distribution of pigmentation is a circulation and skin rejuvenation issue and can cause discoloration around the eyes.
  • Poor circulation – This is a major cause behind eye circles and bags. The skin around the eyes is thin and weak, and the darkness might actually be blood (low in oxygen) just beneath the surface. Capillaries can also be a bit weak and allow blood cells to spill into surrounding tissue.
  • Rubbing your eyes – Habitually rubbing the eyes may feel good, but it can also cause inflammation and irritation to the soft tissue
  • Sensitivity to skincare products and makeup – Similar to contact dermatitis, this can lead to irritation and inflammation around the eye.
  • Sun damage – When you expose the skin to sunshine it can cue more melanin production (this is skin pigmentation). That can worsen discoloration by causing more melanin to reach the surface of the skin (it is also what causes us to sun tan!)
  • Medical conditions, deficiencies, thyroid issues, and alcohol and tobacco use are also factors.

Clearly, with so many issues, it is impossible for any single product to be able to address all instances of under eye bags or darkness. If you want to effectively eliminate under eye circles, it means figuring out what of those factors are to blame. Can you tell which of these might be a problem for you? Interestingly enough, most of us quickly see that we have more than one factor that could be causing under eye puffiness or discoloration, and if we want to eliminate under eye circles it takes several steps.

How to Actually Eliminate Under Eye Circles

Clearly, you cannot change bone structure, but most of the remaining issues can be alleviated through medical intervention, lifestyle changes and the use of attention and care. And, to be able to answer all questions about how to get rid of dark circles for men, and if you look at the issues again, you see that it has mostly to do with improving circulation, tightening and firming the skin by helping to restore it to a more youthful condition, and reducing irritation due to everything from allergies to sun exposure.

Then, once all of those issues that cannot be dealt with through skincare products are tackled, you can eliminate under eye circles using the following products designed with multiple issues in mind:

Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller Designed to focus on puffiness and circles at the same time, it works to support proper circulation and drainage within both blood vessels and capillaries around the eye. This is how the discoloration and circles are eliminated, then, it also works to improve the structure and firmness of the skin. By tightening the skin and improving drainage, it will eliminate under eye circles effectively and help to lighten skin that might have become darkened over time.

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate This produce can help to eliminate under eye circles in multiple ways, too. it uses caviar extract to firm the skin beneath the eyes, giving a level of firmness essential to proper circulation and reduction of under eye bags. It also features stem cell marine collagen and peptides along with hyaluronic acid that combine to instantly brighten and smooth the entire eye area. While this can eliminate under eye circles by tightening and brightening the skin, it offers a good solution to those who struggle with the issue due to aging, allergies, fatigue, genetics and more.

You can use these products together or individually (along with any remedies to darkening or bags caused by those factors above, including medications or lifestyle changes) and start to see improvements almost immediately. When part of regular skincare, this can help you eliminate those dark circles for good!

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