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Beside The Sea... Barry Island, Wales!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Majestic Travel's Barry Island Day trip caught my eye, booking up a few months in advance before that August weekend had to be done! I wanted to see those 'Gavin & Stacey' comedy series filming locations. Now, it wasn't all about Nessa's Slots or Marco's Cafe, I wanted to see what that Welsh seaside town had to offer otherwise! Truthfully, it was so great to get out of Bilston! 

Beside The Sea... Barry Island, Wales!

The journey down from Bilston, England to Barry Island, Wales was made by coach because I do not currently have that 'train money' in my life! Stopping in Walsall, I had to alight from that feeder coach to catch the Welsh bound vehicle. Weather and traffic permitting, it took our Majestic Travel coach around three and a half hours to reach the coach park on Barry Island in Wales. Situated still within the United Kingdom, it was nice to breakout beyond that English borderline! Having around five hours to explore the seafront, I wanted more, and I would make that demand a reality! Stretching my legs, I walked from the coach park along the promenade with Whitmore Bay in my sights, breathing in that sea air had me feeling reinvigorated because that middle England air isn't a mood! The weather did not serve a sunshine setting, but I appreciated the Welsh sea-view, nevertheless. Now, no paddling in the waters of the Bristol Channel, absolutely not! Yes B, after seeing Marco's, an ice cream was purchased immediately! 

With my first 'Gavin & Stacey' landmark clocked, I walked along the Promenade onto the beach along Whitmore Bay with the same 'beach day photo view' from the famous BBC series. I loved my time walking along the beach with the waters lapping nearby, it was such a tonic to see the waters softly greeting the sandy beach. People were out in their droves, the many coaches had brought people from far and wide, it was amazing to see trade resuming. I walked closer to the rocks with Friars Point in view, I felt content with the view that has been captured above, I didn't feel the need to walk any further towards that further Friars Point. Loving the rocks, I took my time to take the appropriate photo because I could do so. Spending time beside the waters had me feeling calm, it was nice to be surrounded by a slice of nature for once. The only waterways I live near is the canal and with the best of intentions, there was no comparison when I looked at the waters along Barry's Whitmore Bay. Wales allowed me to feel centred, it felt lush! Well lush! 

Beside The Sea... Barry Island, Wales!

Keeping things close to Barry's famous coastline, I wanted to find the train station which had been featured in the famous hit series! I didn't quite find that same 'Barry Station', but near the waters of the Bristol Channel I found 'Barry Island Station' for my nerve. It was a lightning bolt moment because I saw that train services were operating to Cardiff Central Station just like that! I had visited Cardiff during the same time in 2017, at that time the distance would have allowed me to make a visit to Barry Island but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I had looked at visiting Barry during the same 2022 period but with Cardiff as a base, the rocketing prices of the accommodation immediately put an end to that train connection from the city! With a nod to the series and a jab from the city's high hotel prices, I stood outside Barry Island station trying not to feel some kind of way! Damn blasted post-Pandemic inflation! Shaking that ish off, I appreciated that 1896 style! Cardiff needs to calm those prices, regardless! First world foolery! 

Before I had found that 'Ynys y Barri' stop, it was clear to see that Barry's seafront was buzzing with life! Money honestly was being exchanged like it was the end of the world, creating another sea-like formation. It was amazing to see such a town flourishing as far as tourism stood, serving 'bounce back' realness, those Barry Island tills were definitely a-ringing! Yes! I really liked the seafront with all of the known 'Gavin & Stacey' amenities because it felt like life had fully returned. Barry's nature stood as a little under the radar, but it felt much less tacky when I thought about my time spent along Blackpool's own promenade. I don't want to talk badly of that Lancashire hotspot, but Wales's Barry had harnessed that 'Gavin & Stacey' reference and had taken it all the way to the bank! My day 'Beside The Sea' was turning out to be what I needed, it felt like a blessing to have an itinerary once again. Zipping from the coastline with my ice cream, stepping onto that sand and then finding that Cardiff train had me busy! Get it, BYI! 

Beside The Sea... Barry Island, Wales!

I had plenty on my agenda, leaving the Island for the town center had to be done! I forged ahead with my Apple Maps leading the way, taking time away from the Island felt good. I returned after crossing those 'Gavin & Stacey' landmarks off my list because it would be soon time for my coach to leave for the England's West Midlands. I had not eaten anything since that mid morning ice cream, having walked the length of Barry, I was feeling exceedingly hungry. Not wanting to eat any fish, I chose to have a portion of chips with curry sauce. I remembered Stacey's talk with Nessa about Welsh chip shop politics, how the Welsh always enjoyed their chips with a healthy serving of curry sauce. Sure, when in Wales and that! Not Rome! Choosing 'Boofy's', the queue was something else entirely, thankfully not ordering fish worked in my favour because that line was serious! Finding a bench along the promenade had to be done, I had walked some serious steps, I was hungry! Oh, I soaked in the scenery and enjoyed my chips! 

Dessert or not? Was I even sure? No! I bought three doughnuts for £1, I had missed out on those sweet treats in Blackpool so I had some making up to do! Those sticky and sweet doughnuts tasted fabulous, concluding my seaside experience in Wales. Making my way back to my West Midlands bound Majestic Travel coach earlier than the suggested time felt like the right thing to do. I had bossed all of those 'Gavin & Stacey' landmarks and more, making myself comfortable on the coach worked out fine, I didn't want to miss that Majestic departure! Wales was a pleasure for the day, aside from the promenade and the rocks near to 'Friars Point', I was able to make another Welsh travel booking for September! From that August day in Barry 'Beside The Sea', I have booked with a rival coach company to spend the day in Llangollen, Wales. Wales already knew that it hadn't seen the last of me as my Majestic Coach pulled out of Barry. From Wales to the world, I'm determined to make the next 'Beside The Sea' an international affair, B! 

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