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Bernie Sanders Makes Jewish History

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Bernie Sanders does not seem to be the type of person that draws much, if any, affection as a MOTT - Member Of The Tribe.
Sometimes we see Jews running for office or for some position, and many other Jews support that Jew for emotional reasons - he or she is a brother/sister,, and we look out for our own, we try to help, we want to see one of ours succeed.
Bernie Sanders makes Jewish history
From what I can tell, presidential-nominee candidate Bernie Sanders does not seem to draw that type of MOTT support. Plenty of people support him, either because he is not Clinton or because they support his ideas, but I haven't really seen people taking pride in him and supporting him just because he is a Jew. For better or for worse.
Personally, I have no sense or feeling to vote or support Sanders, just because he is a Jew, though I do watch with curiosity.
That being said, I am sort of happy that Bernie Sanders, the Jew, has made history with his win in New Hampshire yesterday. Bernie Sanders is the first Jew to ever win a primary in a presidential campaign. I might not want him to become President of the USA, but I am happy for the history he made yesterday.
I think Sanders should throw a kiddush in shul this week, to celebrate. I might even drink a lchaim in his honor..
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