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Berlin I Love You Movie Review @PrimeVideoIN #MovieReview

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Berlin I Love you is a fascinating movie. Actually, it is a bouquet of 10 different stories. Each story is powerful in itself. Each story marks its own impact on the mind. In fact, each story shows a different and vibrant character of Berlin. The movie was released in March 2019 in Greece. The movie is fourth in the row in "Cities of Love" series. Unlike its first edition that was about Paris, which actually is a city of love, Berlin is an entirely different kind of city of love. It has its own character and energy. Each of the stories is well crafted and filmed. Each one has its own unique flavor and an element of engagement. These are stories of love, compassion, redemption, and acceptance. "Transitions" is the main story that weaves around the other nine stories in the movie.
Berlin I Love You
Transitions, the key story of Berlin I Love you, is a story by Josef Rusnak. It's a fabulous story. The story revolves around two main characters, both are street performers. Rafaelle Choen plays an Israeli singer and Robert Stradlober play the role of an angel having wings of love. Both have played their respective roles. Dianna Agron has directed the movie quite well. The main cast of this movie includes Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson. While reading some of the reviews of Berlin I Love You, I noticed, the reviewers have compared it with its earlier three editions of 'Cities of Love'. I feel that loses its wholesomeness. Each movie should be watched and enjoyed at an individual entity. All the stories in this movie are fantastic, different, and unique. Each story has a convincing plot and a strong message to convey to its viewers.

Berlin I Love You

Overall, I loved the movie Berlin I Love You very much. It has a powerful cast and convincing stories depicting the overall mood and character of Berlin.

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