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Bengal Cat

Posted on the 28 April 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Bengal catDescription: The Bengal cat is a breed of cats appeared 20 years ago and is the result of high breeding wild Asian leopard cats with a domestic breed. In our country there are recently emerged breeders and kitten prices for this race start at 2000-2500 dollars. The suggestion for business is Bengali cat breeder.
Resources needed: - documentation in terms of raising cats
      -acquisition costs for pedigree cats from different families
   - Expenses concerning space and planning
   - other expenses (vaccinations, health card, veterinarian, etc.)
Pros: - there are very few breeders, the demand is currently higher than the supply
        - the selling price is high
   - the increase of the business does not require expenses
Cons: - the acquisition of the first pairs can be very expensive (it is necessary to purchase pairs with pedigree) Conclusion: Such a farm can be a very profitable investment provided one can accumulate the know-how necessary for the growth and reproduction of the breed.

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