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Ben Did What? Bachelor 2012

By Thealyway @DarlingRaquel
Ben from The Bachelor did what???
Yes, he kept Courtney after every girl warned him about her. I have never seen someone act so differently in front of the bachelor on this show before, have you? I watch this show with my BFF's family every Monday, and all of our jaws dropped when he picked Courtney during the rose ceremony. 
Ben, I wish you much luck. I hope you senses come-to next week. 
Ben did what? Bachelor 2012
Ben did what? Bachelor 2012 Courtney likes attention... any way she can get it... Ben did what? Bachelor 2012
Ben did what? Bachelor 2012
My favorite has been Casey B. since the very beginning! Good luck Casey! Ben did what? Bachelor 2012
What are your thoughts on this season's contestants?

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