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Belz Didn't Say Tachanun After Abutbol's Victory in Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Belz didn't say tachanun after Abutbol's victory in Bet Shemesh hmmmm. according to this article in Bechadrei, the Admor of Belz instructed his people to not say Tachanun on Wednesday due to the celebration of the electoral victory of Moshe Abutbol in Bet Shemesh. He also drank a "lechayim"...
we all know that many hassidim find pretty much any and every excuse to skip tachanun, so it is almost not surprising.. but still - skip tachanun for winning the election of a mayor?
comparisons to other days of equal or greater miracles keep running through my head, and I wonder if they skip tachanun of any or some of those days as wel....
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