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Belt It – FABruary Style Challenge

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Belt it – FABruary Style Challenge

A hip belt in the same color as my top elongates my short waist

I don’t belt often as I’m an H shape and have a short waist with large bust, so belting at the waist draws attention to my boxy shape and makes my breasts look larger.  But occasionally I do like the addition of a belt as it adds a detail to my outfit to make it more interesting.

Adding a belt can give a little more interest and detail to an outfit. Belts are great for those with defined waists (8s, As and Xs), they create a waist on the slim I shapes, but are harder to wear by those with undefined waists (Hs, Vs and Os).

Belt it
Belt it by imogenl featuring <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>missoni
  • You can belt over a dress, cardigan or jacket.
  • A self-coloured belt will draw less attention to your waist than a contrasting belt.
  • Belting under your jacket or cardigan will create the illusion of a waist for those who lack them.
  • A hip belt works better for Hs and Vs than a waist belt.
  • Hs, Os and Vs can also all belt to the back (tie a belt on a trench or cardigan to the back rather than the front of the garment.
  • Belt at your empire point rather than your waist or hip also can work for Os and Hs.

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