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Bellis Perennis

By Alip @alisonpikeGD

Alison's Garden blog

Whilst gardening for one of my clients the other day she brought me out a cup of tea & a bickie (yes, I have lovely clients!) and on the tray was a little vase of daisy’s (Bellis perennis). I chuckled whilst she was describing how every time, before the lawn is mown she comes running out to pick them. I was explaining how most of my clients want to get rid of these pretty little flowers from their lawns.

Anyway I’ve just come back from my hols today and my lawn has gone crazy but on the plus side so too have the daisy’s – my lawn is far from croquet perfect, more two young boys perfect! So with my client in mind I went out and picked these before getting out the mower.

Go on you know you want to, let your lawn grow and go picking.


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