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Belize Diary

By Lostbutnotfound @lostbutntfound
Belize Diary Belize Diary Belize Diary Belize Diary
Belize Diary Belize DiaryBelize Diary Belize Diary Belize Diary 1. Taking in the beauty after hiking to the "Big Rock" 2. Delightful breakfast on our porch in the jungle 3. Sneaky butterfly at the butterfly farm 3. Insane cookie/soy ice-cream dessert for lunch 4. "Charlie" the horse 5. Snap from my last post at the beach 5. Colorful shacks by the water in the nearby town 6. Paradise 7. Little selfie action with my favorite mom-ographer 
     I finally got around to sorting through my maybe a 1,000 photos from Belize into this photo diary. Keeping with the nature of the trip, the order transitions from our jungle adventures to relaxing on the wondrous beaches. As much as I wish I were back in time, actually living these photos, the cold (literally…snow? c'mon) reality of school awaits. 

Sorry to keep this short, but we're in the midst of a track 'preseason' week and I am ready to collapse on the floor. I really wish I were kidding. But get excited, because I've got one or two more posts from Belize coming very soon. ♥ xoxo


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