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Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big Plans

By Kate_miller
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big PlansI missed celebrating Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ though I guess that didn't really matter. Seeing as how we've experienced one of the coldest, rainiest springs on record.
The meadow across the way has morphed into a deep lake. A still, quiet place with no wildlife sounds. Which is a little unnerving. I mean... if the frogs are depressed with the weather just imagine how us land lubbers must feel??
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big Plans
We've been having big fun in spite of the cold...
My darling daughter is getting married! We just returned from Willamette Valley, Oregon, where we were scoping out wedding venues.
They found the perfect spot ~ this place:
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big PlansIt may not look like much in the photo but the inside is designed to feel as if you're outside and it's about as perfect as it could be.
Here's where things became all kismet and spine-tingling...
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big PlansThis is MY favorite spot in Willamette Valley.
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big PlansIt's where I'm gonna live just as soon as I win the lottery. (And, it won't be long, now, 'cause I bought a powerball ticket at the airport.)
I suggested we stay there because I'd always wanted to show daughter L this special place.
The following morning, when we visited the wedding venue (they hadn't told me which places they were looking at,) we discovered their most favorite spot is walking distance ~ right down the road ~ from my favorite spot.
Isn't that wild??
PS! This is a picture of me right after they suggested I pay for this extravaganza....
Belated Bloom Day and Big, Big Plans* Bloom Day: I do have a few stalwart flowers shaking off the rain, snow, sleet and misery of this tough, tough month. But I'm so delighted with the Freesias blooming indoors that I wanted them to take center stage...

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