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Being 31

By Aworldfullofprettiness
So today is my 31st birthday and I'm starting to finally feel a bit iffy about my age.
Being 30 felt ok, but 31, even though just one year older, feels like 'this is it'. This is where it all goes downhill. I think it's because 31 is when (for me) it officially feels like I'm actually 'into' my 30's and slowly creeping my way to 40, and that in itself just feels wrong.
The thing is, I don't feel 31. I do things and say things that maybe 31 years old shouldn't be doing and saying. But then whose to say what they should be doing? I'm also still into things that people 10 years younger are into. Maybe its just a sign of the times, but sometimes I compare myself to my mum, and think 'she would never have been doing this when she was 31'. But then maybe it's because our lives are completely different. By 31 she had been married, divorced, and was onto her second marriage with 2 children. I have none of that but maybe when those life changing events happen, that's when I'll start to feel 'my age'.
I will admit though, sometimes when I'm about to make a purchase in a shop, I do have a flickering thought about my age, and think 'I'll go for the more mature colour', and proceed to put the hot pink glittery lunch box back down. I know some people will be screaming at the screen with the words 'be who you wanna be!' but I also think if you present young, you are usually taken less seriously and this will more than likely reflect in the way you get treated.
Anyway, without dwelling, when you read this, I'll be spending a few days up in Whitby. I visited Whitby back in February and really enjoyed spending time there, so Mike booked me a surprise to go back there for a few days (although it wasn't quite a surprise, I've known for a few weeks now, purely because of planning reasons!). So expect a few travel posts coming up real soon! If you want to see what I'm getting up to as I go, come follow me on Instagram, @kateld85.
Here's what it's like to look 31...  Admittedly this was taken a few weeks ago in Manchester after booking a USA trip, hence the celebratory American milkshake! No gray hairs yet!
Being 31

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