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Behold: the Two Absolutely Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling

By Akklemm @AnakaliaKlemm

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschoolingAnakalian Whims:

Education is a lifelong pursuit. Public school is the worst form of socialization. Train Up a Child in the Way (s)He Should Go. Yes. Yes. Amen. And Yes some more.

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschoolingOriginally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:


Here’s the email I received last week. I was saving it for today, as I’ll be speaking at a homeschool conference tomorrow:

*The subject line of this email was: “Not all public school teachers are the devil.”* 

Hi Matt,

I’ve been a pretty decent fan of some of your writings, and while I don’t always agree I find that you sometimes have an entertaining way of presenting your opinion. Anyway, all due respect, I find myself having a hard time continuing to follow you now that I’ve gone back and read through your views on education.

It doesn’t so much bother me that you seem to be PROUD of your lack of a college education. You seem to be of the lucky few smart enough to get away with having no real education to speak of (congratulations). What I can’t reconcile myself with is your vitriol and hatred for public…

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