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Begin Yoga in London – 5 Things to Do Today

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Jo Tison is Founder of Little Banyan Yoga, Yoga instructor and Reiki Master.  She is very passionate and works from the heart when teaching and treating, as she knows the great benefits of Yoga in all its limbs and Reiki, the importance in  having a balanced Chakras system (wheels of energy within us) and the power of Universal energy.  She works on the basis that everybody is different, due to our past experience, wearing our emotions in our bodies and having dominating Chakras and lifestyles  we experience a different worlds through our mind and bodies. Here are Jo’s suggestions of 5 things to do today.

1)   Be grateful – Think, say or write the things you are grateful for each day.  It is a great reminder of all the wonderful things you have in your life that can easily be taken for granted.  These can be basic things (that others may not have) like thank you for water, thank you for  family and friends.  Once you start with this, the list just keeps on building as you realize you have so much in your life to be grateful for.  It could be your favorite food, your great legs, your happy dog, amazing home or anything you like.  This is a great way to start the day as this connects you onto a positive and happy frequency which will only attract more happy and positive things for you.

2)   Be Aware – Try to be aware on all  levels possible! Be aware of your words and actions, how do they make others feel, or express how you feeling.  Be aware of your feelings., feelings come from thoughts and our emotions are a great tool for realising that are thoughts are negative.  We cannot feel sad or angry with positive thoughts.  Be aware of what we eat, where does it come from? What is it made of? Is it nutritious for us? Will it heal and give us energy?  Be aware of what we buy, what is the impact of this? Where was it made? Is it human/animal harming or plant harming?  Be aware of our bodies, aches and pains, when we need stretching, working or relaxing.  Be aware of connection, our higher consciousness, collective spirit and non-separation of all of the universe.

3)   Meditate – A time to be still, to connect with your inner self, to turn off your mind and listen to your soul. If you cannot meditate for a long time try short meditations and use tools such as music, gongs,  guided meditation or watching a candle flame.  Meditation means to be one pointed, to  silence the mind from the constant chitter chat of our thoughts.  This can be reached whilst practicing various task such as Yoga and less common but still heard of whilst performing  tasks such as running, gardening, playing music or massaging, anything where you are totally in that moment with no thoughts of the past or future.

4)   Yoga – I cannot promote enough the benefits of Yoga.  It combines breathing, physical workout and meditation.  There are various styles and paces to suit all levels and personalities. You can have a fast vigorous, dynamic workout in heat that leaves you sweating, you can have a slow flow where you hold postures for a long time working on alignment and you can have a relaxing, body soothing restorative practice.  Yoga strengths the body, whilst stretching,  massages your internal organs, helps improves balance and creates body awareness.  We hold our emotions in our bodies so Yoga is a great way to release them and overcome fears whilst also balancing your Chakras (balls of energy within our bodies linked to body parts, emotions and personality traits).  In this modern day Yoga gives us exactly what we need and the opposite of what we are getting.  We are working our minds and resting our bodies, Yoga helps us rest our minds and work our bodies.

5)   Have fun – Have fun and express yourself.  Be it by singing, dancing, playing music, reading a book, laughing or having a chat with friends. Your life is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring!

Lessons and treatments are available in London.

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