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Bees in the Mouth... and the Monsanto Super-bee.

Posted on the 28 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Bees in the mouth... and the Monsanto super-bee.Me, I love coincidences, it's how our Planet tells us that something's not right.
Had a dream this morning where I was being held in some stone dungeon. It was dank and damp, and there was an 'infested puddle' over a square drainage grid of some sort. There were like these flies or something buzzing around, annoying me. I spat one or two of them out. But they kept coming, no matter how far away from the puddle I stood. I pulled one fly out of my mouth.
It wasn't a fly.
I looked in a dirty box mirror that was over a sink and saw that I couldn't close my mouth. Bees were in my mouth. I could spit them, one at a time. But there was always another bee in there.
I used my fingers to carefully edge the bee out of my mouth. They were honey bees with big black legs. I edged another bee out of my mouth with my finger without getting stung. At one point, a bee CLUNG ON to my lower lip with its big black legs. I woke up due to the mental trauma of this WAR OF TERROR that I knew would never end.
This same morning, in my email inbox, I receive this Before It's News 'story' about the Monsanto Super Bee - couldn't resist.

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