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Beer Review – Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale

By Boozedancing @boozedancing

Beer Review – Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale

I picked up this bottle of Rock Art Brewery’s Jasmine Pale Ale at Vic & Whit’s Sandwich Shop in Saco, Maine during our summer vacation this past August. To be honest, I don’t know much about this brewery, but since I liked the label and was intrigued by the whole jasmine thing, I decided that I would cough up the $6 for this 22 ounce bottle and give it a try.

Here’s what Rock Art Brewery has to say about this beer:

This mysterious ale calls upon centuries of brewing and human intrigue with natural herbs. In days gone by, these beers were conjured up for many reasons and occasions. Folks consumed various natural herbs in many forms, and beer was one. It was thought that these herbs had qualities that complement everyday life. Today’s connoisseur is finding that a swing back to the way it used to be is a natural cycle of life. Some of our modern ways could use a little tweaking and taking a step back into the world of Herbs is a great way to start. Enjoy this amber ale with nice malt sweetness and just a hint of Jasmine and hops.

What a lovely little history lesson. Doesn’t say much about the actual beer though. Let’s find out if it’s any good…

  • Appearance: Clear copper color. Fast rising one inch head that dissipates slowly and leaves little lacing on the glass.
  • Aroma: A very mild smelling beer. The following aromas are all very subtle: honey, tangerine, tea biscuit, some floral notes, and very very mild hops.
  • Taste: Lightly carbonated. Almost fizzy on your tongue. Thin and watery mouthfeel. Starts off with some very mild, barely there, sweet malt flavors. Some citrus and very mild hop bitterness take over at mid-palate and carry you through to the end. Very mild, bland finish. Also somewhat astringent, kind of like a green tea aftertaste.
  • ABV: 5.0%

I really wanted to like Rock Art’s Jasmine Pale Ale. A beautiful label, a somewhat interesting back story, and a beautiful pour had me all excited to give it a try, but sadly, my hopes were dashed as soon as I stuck my nose in the glass and took that first sip. Boring, bland, and a really irritating aftertaste. I was so bored with this beer that I didn’t even bother to finish it.

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