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Bedtime Brawling- Brits Battle Over Their Side of the Bed

Posted on the 01 November 2012 by 72point @72hub

It’s been decided- women have the final say over who sleeps on which side of the bed. Research carried out among 2,000 adults also found that half of people fail to sleep properly if they don’t sleep on the correct side of the bed.

As a result, one in ten couples have blazing rows about who sleeps where – but the women usually get their way.

Battles over who should sleep nearest to the door in case of intruders or children wandering in in the middle of the night are most common.

Other bust-ups occur because someone wants to avoid sleeping nearest to the radiator.

The study also found around one in twenty men are currently not happy with the side they have been lumbered with.

The poll was carried out by Premier Inn to launch a service which allows couples to reserve their preferrred side of the bed when booking a room.

Claire Haigh of Premier Inn said:

”Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their sleeping styles but which side of the bed people sleep on seems to be fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep.

”Interestingly, our research revealed an almost identical split between Brits’ preference to a particular side, with 51% favouring the left and 49% the right, with the vast majority of people maintaining their particular preference for many years.

”If you are used to one particular side of the bed it can feel strange to sleep on the other side when staying somewhere unfamiliar.”

The study also found 5% of Brits chose the side of the bed they sleep on to get a better view of the TV and a fussy one in twenty like being near a radiator (however millions of Brits also battle to get AWAY from the radiator).

Other factors respondents named as in deciding which side of the bed they wanted were road noise, babies crying and more floor space on a certain side.

Of those polled, 80% said they have slept on the same side of the bed ever since they started their relationship – but 22% said they slept on a different side with their ex-partner.

A racy 15% of Brits like to switch sides every now and then to ‘spice things up’, but half said the ‘other’ side isn’t as comfy and 18% said they like to be near to all of their personal belongings on their bedside table.

It also emerged precisely 50.63% of Brits favour the left hand-side and 49.37% like to sleep on the right hand side of the bed.

Claire Haigh continued:

”At Premier Inn we like to do all we can to ensure our guests have a good night’s sleep.”

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