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Bedroom Office Inspiration

By Decorology @decorology_blog

Beautiful ways to have a home office in your bedroom

We finally hired a nanny 2 days a week so I can start getting back to work.  It is wonderful to have some help finally.  Working in the evenings after Leo went to bed has been taking it's toll.  I love being back in my home office, but hubby works from home two days a week and there may be some days when we both need to work, but only have one desk available.  So we've been considering putting a desk in our bedroom for him to work from on the days he works from home.  Here are some office in the bedroom ideas I found.
Bedroom Office Inspiration You'll notice one common characteristic of a successful desk in the bedroom is that it doesn't try to be a standout statement piece.  It matches the bedroom's existing style and looks like it belongs.
via Home Portfolio
Bedroom Office Inspiration Another characteristic is that desks are either kept very minimal and clean, or they are treated like a piece of furniture one often finds in a bedroom, like a vanity or nightstand, and decorated with lamps and picture frames.
 via DecorPad
Bedroom Office Inspiration via Decor Chick
The desks chairs are also kept relatively inconspicuous.
Bedroom Office Inspiration via Lonny
Bedroom Office Inspiration I love this example because the desk actually has a computer on it, as I imagine 98% of all desks do!
via Timeless Wrought Iron
Bedroom Office Inspiration Do you have a desk in your master bedroom?  If so, how have you styled it?
via Timeless Wrought Iron

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