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Bedouins in the Desert

By Enzieshahmiri
Bedouins in the Desert
Artist: Eugene Alexis Girardet (French 1853-1907)
Title: Bedouins in the Desert
Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 3' 6.48" x 26.1"
This is a rather large painting and as a photographic reproduction looses a lot of it's impact. When looking at sections in detail Giradet's superb handling of the paint can be better observed. For example 
note how he used a very chromatic orange both on the ground and on the woman's cheek to give us a feeling of the intense heat generated by the camp fire. 
Bedouins in the Desert Detail Woman

Here he livens up a bland desert which usually is in muted tones by introducing blues orange and yellow. I love it when sections of a painting can almost be a painting in themselves. This landscape setting is anything but boring and catches our attention by the clever manipulation of colors.
Bedouins in the Desert - Detail Landscape

As a  fine figurative painter the figures are painted solid but not over worked. It is almost as if the artist intended to impress us with an overall feel of what a moment at a campsite of a Bedouin family would be like, rather than having us be enamored with the figures themselves. 
Bedouins in the Desert - Detail Man and Child

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