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Becoming An Ally To Your Customers – A Heartfelt Guide

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Becoming An Ally To Your Customers – A Heartfelt Guide

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Running a business can be an exciting effort. This is because businesses, no matter how they can sometimes seem, are not necessarily soulless entities. They are being staffed by people, people who want to relate to their customers in order to make more sales. More and more firms are figuring out that the more ‘human’ a brand can seem, the more likely it’s going to be treated with respect and even as a friend.

This is how the whole concept of ‘brand loyalty’ starts, but of course, no matter how shrewd your messagings or how many TikTok videos you upload, it’s true to say that a brand that cannot satisfy in the most basic manner will have a tough time securing that goodwill.

What matters, then, is not just using marketing speak to cement that relationship, but to become an ally to your customers and clients. How can you achieve this, however, in a business environment that continually boasts exponential competition? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more.

Expanding Convenience Where Possible

Where you can, it’s important to expand the convenience your firm offers, and to that degree, what functionalities you use to provide that convenience. For instance, reading this guide to contactless mobile payments systems can help you more easily take payments without having to fool around with standard chip and pin payments, while also providing your staff a means to encourage sales there and then, rather than a disembodied process a customer has to go out of their way for. Enhancing convenience like this helps you both, and more likely cements a current and future sale.

Follow Up Emails & Communications

Following up with your customers by offering surveys, feedback reports, or even just wishing them a happy birthday with an automated email shows that you care. For instance, if you continually offer promotional codes sent via email if they subscribe to your newsletter, then you automatically have a growing number of people seeing your sales communications, benefiting from that, and keeping you in mind as a necessary firm to purchase from. As you can see, convenience is best applied when it works in both directions, allowing the relationship to grow, and making it easier for your customers to use your products or services.

Goodwill Measures That Work

If you’re missing a part for a piece of IKEA furniture, most of the time they will send you out that part for free. It’s not hard to see how goodwill measures like this can help a customer feel as though they’ve not only gotten value for money, but that you’re willing to bend over backwards in order to make their experience a positive one. This way, you can more easily show where your priorities lay, especially if systems like this are easy to handle and are constantly developed as a goodwill process. Who knows how that goodwill may return to you?

With this advice, we hope you can continue to see the benefit in becoming an ally to your customers – no doubt they’ll return the favor by their continued patronage.

Thank you for reading!

Becoming An Ally To Your Customers – A Heartfelt Guide

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