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Beauty Tag!

By Lauraoatenx @lollylovesx
1. Would you rather Buy makeup brushes that shed all the time or smell gross all the time?
Brushes that smell because you could easily cover the smell up with perfume or something. A brush that sheds would be really annoying!
2. Would you rather only wear pink lipstick for the rest of your life or only true nude lipstick?
Pink lipstick! Nude makes me looked washed out.
3. Would you rather have every nail polish color or every eyeshadow color ever created?
Every nail polish! I'm not very creative with my eyes.
4. Would you rather have on purple eyeliner or purple lipstick?
Purple eyeliner.
5. Would you rather have a personal makeup artist or personal hair stylist?
Hair stylist, I'm rubbish with my hair!
6. Would you rather have oily hair or oil face?
Oily face I guess as there is a lot of products in today's market that can help.
7. Would you rather wear hot pink lipstick or hot pink blush for the rest of your life?
Hot pink lipstick!
8. Would you rather be pale or tan orange?
Pale as I am anyway! I do like a bit of fake tan though.
9. Would you rather get rhinoplasty or boob job?
Boob job!
10. Would You rather be able to magically change your eye color or be able to change your hair color?
Hair colour, i love my eyes too much!
11. Would you rather have beautiful shiny long hair but bad skin or perfect complexion but dried damaged hair?
Perfect complexion with dry hair.
12. Would your rather look like Angelina Jolie or Megan fox?
Megan fox maybe!
I TAG anyone who wants to do it :)

Beauty tag!

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