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Beauty Must-haves

By Aishly Tromp @AishlyTrompxo
My beauty routine is simple: I don't have one. I don't really believe in routines because I'm constantly trying out new products. For me, this has always worked but it may be different for you. These are a few that I'm currently using and some that I will be trying out.
Ps. Wondering why I included Coconut oil in my beauty must-haves? Well it's literally nature's gift to us! I use it three different ways:Hair. I use it as a hair mask. Leave it in your hair for as little as 15 min {or more} and then wash and condition hair as usual. It will do wonders, I promise!Face. I also use it as a face mask and lately I've been combining it with Franks' coffee scrub.Overall health. Take 1-3 spoons of Coconut oil daily and this will just speed up your metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories throughout the day.
Beauty Must-haves
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