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Beautiful Sari Scarf

By Steveliu @charitablegift

sari scarfThis Sari Scarf from Uncommon Goods is available in blue, cinnamon, or red/cream color. It is an incredibly beautiful silk scarf, handmade in India.

The process these scarves are made with is fascinating. Fine vintage saris are selected, cut into strips, and hand-stitched together with others to create beautiful, unique patterns (it’s almost like “quilting” using silk). The scarf is moistened, twisted, and wound around a bamboo pole. The result is a truly unique, eco-friendly, comfortable, and stunningly beautiful fashion piece that can be wrapped around your shoulders or your head.

Not only is the “upcycling” of the saris eco-friendly, the vendor will also plant 10 trees via the non-profit organization Trees for The Future.

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