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Beautiful Bedding Arrangements for Winters

By Subha Bose

Beautiful Bedding Arrangements for winters
Winters are beautiful when you are warm enough to enjoy them. Just like you wear warm clothes during winter time, you should also make sure your bedding is warm enough. Though in winter-time, your bed is made bulky by the layers of warm covering, you can still make the bedding look beautiful.
On many online shopping websites, you will find a huge collection of beautiful beddings for winters. And you want to know how you can arrange them beautifully, read on:
  • Lay color coordinated woolen blankets just above the bedcovers. This will not only make your bed look good for the winters but will also make the bed feel warmer on bitter winter nights.
Beautiful Bedding Arrangements for winters
  • While the pillows go right where they should be, that is on the north of the bed, you can arrange pillows according their sizes. Arranging them in a descending order will look classier.
Beautiful Bedding Arrangements for winters
  • It is always beautifully to have two shades on your bedding. You can have contrastingly colored winter blankets spread strikingly across the bed. Color combinations like pink and white, brown and beige, olive and ivory etc. are great for your bedding. 
  • During winters, it is a nice idea to make the bed feel cozier with duvets. And to enhance their visual appeal, you can cover them in gorgeously printed duvet covers.

Sleep cozy this winter!

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