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Beating Gunloons at Their Own Game

Posted on the 23 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
FL is for Gunloons:
But the bullies at the National Rifle Association and their obliging friends in the state Legislature (including all four lawmakers who represent Hernando) made absolutely sure of that last session, pushing through a law that imposes a $5,000 fine on any local government official who tries to uphold firearms bans in parks or public buildings.Think about it: A police officer could be fined a substantial portion of his or her annual salary for enforcing a rule that, in the city's case, carried a maximum penalty of being asked to leave the park.
But here's how you %$#& with the NRA:  get a couple of young, black men and provide them with CCWs.  Have 'em hang out in public parks--especially in tourist areas-- with Tec-9s and Glocks hanging out of waistbands.
I'm pretty sure that law will be repealed in FL once the retirees, snowbirds and tourists give GOPers an earful.

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