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Beating a Dead Horse

By Pabster @pabloacalvino


Over the past week Spain has had enough of reading and listening, on all Spanish media, hundreds pontificating voices talking from resentment or envy, from animosity or defeatism, from mockery and even perfidy, what a ridiculous chimera it was of Madrid to run for hosting the 2020 Olympics, what an absurd idea or what a crazy aspiration; talking how Madrid could not have won or how they deserved being defeated. These backwards jinxes, these foretellers of the past and these fans of anothers’ failures have done their best to poke the embers where the hopes and illusions of millions of Spaniards still burn down, as does the work of all who fought for Madrid to win. Beating a dead horse is a symptom of little courage and too much meanness, worse yet when it’s done from the pulpit of the radio, the TV or the papers. Woe enough have those who betted on Madrid’s success, and they don’t need to be further scolded by those who, before September 13th, dared not bet for the defeat. Where were all these voices before Olympic Committee’s decision? These smartasses who, today, express their sagacity in hindsight or cock a mean snook at Madrid, where were they? None of these prophets “ex post” dared to forecast the result. But, of course, it is very easy to foresee the past.
Mean attitude have the Spanish citizens who puddle into defeatism or wish to others what they would not want for themselves.


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