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Bean Town, Here I Come

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
 After running Santa Rosa on August 26th, I went straight to the BAA website and did this:
Bean Town, Here I Come

Then I waited impatiently for September 14th to come.... On the 14th I went to work early so I could make sure to be ready for the 7 am opening time (that's 10 am ET). I was afraid it would fill up before I could register. I was afraid I would miss the time and it would be too late. I rushed to work and got there at 6:59 and it wouldn't let me register. Then it was 7 straight up and reregistration! Finally, it worked....but... it was not a confirmation of acceptance, only a confirmation of attempt.
But no. Several hours later, I got this:
Bean Town, Here I Come
So, unless I lied about my qualifying time, which I didn't, then I am in! Hurray! Who else is going!? Let's have lunch!
This is exciting for me, because, as you probably know, my family hails from Massachusetts, and so it will be a weekend of fun and family and running and fun! Also, I have been to Boston several times, but never in this capacity, so it will be a fun change for me in that aspect!
Have you ever had to wait for something you really wanted? Who else is running Boston 2013? Have you ever been to Boston?

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