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Be Offended

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
Have you visited Briacliff lately?
You can go there without leaving the comfort of your couch, but I can't guaranteed you won't be left squirming.
The blessed Sister Jude gave special dispensation for a lovely man to film the institution, showcasing the hospital's wholesome, healing conditions.
The footage was recently aired in the documentary, American Horror Story: Asylum, but one patient was considered unsuitable and left on the cutting room floor.
Be Offended
Be Offended
Be Offended
Be Offended If it wasn't for our blessed Sister Jude, I doubt this patient would survive her daily ice water immersion therapy.
Be Offended Awaiting subsequent redemption from our holy hotness, Monsignor Timothy.
Be Offended
Be Offended Valentine's Day celebrations start and end with a clean teeth, then ten hours of dancing to Soeur Sourire's Dominique. Be Offended
Pepper is everyone's best friend and loves to play. Be Offended Are you over the Valentine's madness?
Well, you are now.

Desiree xo

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