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Be My Eyes and Taste Buds on June 20

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion

Just heard about this… Exciting news for those who happen to be coming to Lebanon from Paris on June 20 on board Air France? To be more specific, on board flight number AF562 CDG-BEY, departing from CDG at 4.30pm… If so, you’re in for a treat… and I would love to hear all about it from you…


Wanted to snoop around and see who will be enjoying the service and company of a starred Chef that will be on board AirFrance during this specific route exclusively for Business Class passengers! Who’s the Chef, what will he be preparing? I want to know… NGNO needs to know.


Food lovers or not, this is a unique experience and would love to know who the chef will be, what will he be serving… so if you are going to be one of the lucky ones, you need to be my eyes and taste buds…

Waiting to hear from you…

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