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Be Inspired by Hockney – Weekend Style Challenge

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Weekend Style Challenge - be inspired by David Hockney

Not long ago I went to the David Hockney exhibition a the National Gallery of Victoria (you can read about it here) and watching the way he builds his paintings from the background up (watch the time lapse video I created to see how he does it), I thought, why not think about using this concept for a weekend style challenge.  He uses color and layering in stunning ways to create his artworks.

Be inspired by artist David Hockney - create an outfit in this style challenge

Hockney starts layering his paintings from the background, gradually adding detail as he fills in the foreground and finally adds the pops of color and elements that make the whole painting sing.

For example, here your color scheme of around 60% textural green (either use a forest or olive), around 30%  pink/red, then 10% neutral white, add a pop of yellow in a pattern or with an accessory for excitement, and think about how that little “horse sign” in the painting could be represented by a brooch.

Be inspired by artist David Hockney with this weekend style challenge

Here your base could be gray with elements of green and violet.  Notice the fluffy texture in the bushes and grasses … how could you interpret that in your outfit?

Why not find that base outfit, those basics, and then add layers of other clothes and accessories to add texture, depth and color.

So what a way to think about creating an outfit?  I’d love to see your style – feel free to share it on Instagram (tag me @insideoutstyle and #insideoutstyle) or over on my Style Lounge Facebook Group.

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