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Be a Global Flâneur!

By Kei Lam (thetravelphilosophy.blogspot.hk)
When we travel, we explore. Transcending the geographical boundaries, we actively participate in  the world outside our comfort zone. Immersed in foreign cultures, we suck in the eclectic experience during our trip and thereby probing into something we might be unfamiliar with. When one travels, he or she is a flâneur exploring his or her global neighbours.
You may have heard of how the country, its people or their culture were like from your friends, books or the mass media; it nonetheless is not on a par with seeing it for yourself. Traveling to another country and getting to know her on your own is indeed one of the prescriptions for eradicating stereotypes, racism, or even the long-existing feud between countries or major cultures/religions. No more misrepresenting and sensational news. No more statements about another country or foreign policy that favour the politicians themselves more than anyone. No more over-generalizing racial or ethnic qualities by taking a few as the whole. No more judging before knowing.
Bon voyage, flâneurs!

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