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BBC Verify Casts Doubt on Israel Evidence

Posted on the 18 November 2023 by Doggone

Of course, the Israelis have evidence of an underground annex under Al-Shifa Hospital--they built the place. I've posted backup for that claim. Of course, Israel has a poor reputation for telling the truth. They may be Kosher, but they love their porkies!

Unless you really believe the USS Liberty incident was an accident...
In that case, I can offer you some NFTs in the Brooklyn Bridge.

The reason for doing this is that IDF is committing war crimes and they need to justify them. But that is very hard.

The good part if that when one gets away from Western Media, particularly the US media, one sees Hamas soundly thrashing the IDF. I trust Hamas more in regard to the stats--especially since they provide video backup for their claims.

This is the drawback to not being aware of history, which has led to IDF overconfidence. That despite having at least on unit wiped out on 7 October.

IDF and the Israeli security service had a great reputation prior to this, but they are coming off like clowns now that the internet can shed light on them. Iron Dome was put out of commission by "fireworks" and the Merkava tank is proving to be useless. Unfortunately, Hamas's material is in Arabic, but they paint a very different picture of the situation.

And it doesn't look good for Israel. It's Stalingrad with Chu Chi tunnels and fighters who want to die for the liberation of their country.

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