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BBC Reporting Priorities – ‘Lipgloss PC’ Given Higher Profile Than ‘Escaped Sex Offender’!

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Minimumcover @minimumcover

It is almost unbelievable that the national press have felt it necessary to report on the misbehaviour of PC Claire van Deurs Goss who was shown applying gloss while at the wheel of a police car in Monday’s episode of Channel 4′s 999: What’s Your Emergency. Is this story really worth such a significantly larger section of the Lancashire section of the BBC website than stories such as dangerous offender,Lee Cyrus, being on the run for two weeks in the county and that he has potentially approached two 15 year-old girls in that time, asking them to engage in sexual activities with him? Is it more important than the long overdue improvements being made at Royal Lancashire Infirmary?

I agree, she has messed up. Her actions, and the associated comments about lip gloss being more effective than Taser were inappropriate and should not have happened. But still – this is hardly headline stuff. We all do things at work that we shouldn’t. That personal use of the photocopier….the time you snuck out 10 minutes early for lunch, you know what I mean. None of them are right, and we deserve a bit of finger wagging from the boss, but these are not headlines. If it wasn’t a Police Officer and therefore a legitimate press target this would have gone in the editors bin along with the talented cat from Accrington that can tell the difference between Mackerel and Herring!

Is it any wonder that the public perception of Police is currently distorted beyond belief?

Come on BBC – sort it out!

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