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BBC - Question Time - Russell Brand Rains Down on Bankers

Posted on the 28 June 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Russell Brand (invited onto BBC Question Time) recommends that 'criminal bankers' go down i.e. to prison, for their crimes in the Corporate War Arena. Brand is right to be ired, bright enough to spot a new comedy market and seemingly righteous enough to know how to express it...
It's not the banker criminals who need to 'go down'. There are millions more potential Criminal Bankers waiting to fill the shoes of emptied suit. It's the FREE PLANET ideal that's missing from Brand's beardy-but-hygienic delivery. A planet 'free'd from the need to 'owe some (undefined) someone something' i.e. Your Life, for their PROFIT.

It's such a pity Brand feels drawn into this 'burn the witches' clarion cry - his involvement, as first noted by Free Planet on his MTV Awards speech, suddenly reeks of a CRY TO WAR when 'no wars are necessary', iff SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE just STOP FUNDING THE EMPIRE MACHINE. We don't need no 'education', we don't need no 'thought control' - no 'war gaming'.

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