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Battling Acne Problems and Depression

By Anshulika

Have you ever considered how acne or pimples can affect someone psychologically? Many people are under the impression that these conditions are only skin deep. However, research has found out that they have an adverse effect on a person’s emotional well-being too. Acne problems are no longer dealt as cosmetic issues by dermatologists. Doctors now relate them to the behavior and mindset of a person. Most of us have gone through acne treatments and pimple nightmares.1

  • How is acne related to depression?

When you get up and see acne on your face, it puts you off immediately. It somehow affects your entire day, and you tend to think about how to get rid of it.

Sometimes, acne problems worsen depending on the causes. Especially women with hormonal imbalance have bad acne issues, which are a result of the stressful lifestyle nowadays. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and many other factors add to the acne problem.

Acne can be demotivating and make you insecure about your appearance. You could feel embarrassed to make appearances at social or public gatherings. The condition can create anxiety and shyness.

  • Symptoms of acne-related depression

If someone you know is suffering from acne problems, you need to watch for these symptoms to keep them away from depression. If your friend or a family member has become overly emotional and starts crying, they might be slowly going towards depression. Sudden mood swings or loss of interest in eating and sleeping are some other signs of acne that lead to depression. Some other symptoms include a drop in performance at work, school or college and feeling shy to attend social gatherings.

  • Treatment of acne and depression

Not many people take acne seriously in the initial stages. Only when it worsens, they feel the need to visit a skin doctor. Many products for acne treatment are now available on the market. It is recommended to not take this condition lightly and visit a dermatologist for the right treatment. It will help to get both situations under control: acne and depression.

In such cases, it is essential to take care of yourself. Skin specialists provide prescribed drugs that help you achieve a clear and smooth skin over a period. They also make sure that the medicines control the occurrence of acne and blemishes again. If the problem has affected your self-confidence, then you need to go to a psychologist. Over time, you will overcome this gloomy feeling with the help of psychotherapy. You might also be put on antidepressants to sleep better. Counseling and group discussions help get over the shyness and insecurities.

Now that you know how acne can have a harmful effect on your psychological and emotional well-being, you cannot take the condition lightly. Check for symptoms and discuss your problems with your loved ones for acne and depression. Start your acne treatment immediately either by visiting a skin specialist or by getting the best acne solution products.

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