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…Batten Down the Hatches

By Zer @the2women

…Batten Down the Hatches

Well, it’s official, Hurricane Irene is officially a go.

Or at least that’s what my Twitter feed says.

She even has her own Twitter account (@Irene), so you know this storm is the real deal.

As Irene makes her way up the East Coast, she is both preceded and followed by a storm of tweets and status updates.

With this enormous online reaction to this natural disaster you can’t help but wonder, what are these poor people going to do when the power is out and their cell batteries die?

They might only be able to share their immediate thoughts with the people in the same room as them.  Actual conversations may have to be strung together.

I know it’s scary, but the most important thing remember when attempting a conversation is not to panic.  You should be safe if you stick to the weather.

…and on a more serious note, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those weathering the storm.


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