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Battambang Walking Tours, Battambang, Cambodia

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

During our stay in Battambang we decided to explore the city by following the free walking tour produced by the Battambang Municipality.

Along the walking tour the city’s French and Khmer history is seen in building’s architectural style.

Whilst interesting, having arrived from the Angkor region, the city was a little underwhelming.

The walking tour is broken into two parts, Central Battambang and South Battambang.

Central Battambang

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Lion at the entrance to Wat Pipetharam
Wat Pipetharam entrance gate
Mythical creature on the columns of Wat Pipetharam

Fancy roof features of Wat Pipetharam
Archer at the surrounds of Wat Pipetharam
Building of the Cantonese Association

The clock tower of Psar Nath Market
Shop houses next to the Chinese Temple
French influences in Indochinese shop houses

Picturesque monk walking along the Sangker River
Chinese paintings at the entrance to the Chinese Temple
Entrance to the Chinese Spirit House

Cambodian flag outside Corner Building and Villa
Restored Corner Building and Villa
The French style lamps of Corner Building and Villa

French style shutter windows along Street 119
French influenced buildings along Street 119
French influenced buildings with traditional balconies

Dilapidated French style windows in Battambang
Run-down French style building
Street 2.5 Series of Shop Houses

Shop houses from the colonial period in the early 20th century
Battambang Cinema (on Street 2)
School Pi Thnou

Blue door and window on one of the corner shops
Department of Land Management
Wat Damrey Sor

White elephant statues surrounding Wat Damrey Sor
Statues of Royals in front of Wat Damrey Sor
White Elephant Temple

One of the many white elephants
  1. Wat Pipetharam
  2. Building of the Cantonese Association
  3. Psar Nath
  4. Shophouses next to the Chinese Temple
  5. Chinese Temple / Chinese Spirit House
  6. Corner Building and Villa
  7. Street 2 ½: Series of Shop Houses
  8. Chinese School (opposite of White Rose Restaurant)
  9. Buffalo Alley
  10. Battambang Cinema (on Street 2)
  11. School Pi Thnou
  12. Apartment Building
  13. Sangker Cinema and Battambang Warehouse
  14. Department of Land Management
  15. Wat Damrey Sor
  16. Former canal south of Wat Damrey Sor

 South Battambang

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View of Sangker River
Exhibition Hall used during Sangkum Reastr Niyum
Exhibition Hall decoration

Provincial Museum
Post Office built by the French administration between 1907 and 1926
Travis and gorilla

Sonya and triceratops
Electricity Company and Department of Water Authority
Intricate detail on a traditional style roof

Kenor a mythical female dancer with a body half human and half bird
Sonya and a giant statue at the Provincial Court
Provincial Court

Garuda carved into the fence of Wat Kamphaeng
Statues outside the Wat Kamphaeng
The entrance of Wat Kamphaeng

The gates of Wat Kamphaeng
Mythical lion outside Sala Khaet
The Sala Khaet at Battambang

Royal Residence (Royal Bungalow)
  1. Exhibition Hall
  2. Provincial Museum
  3. Boxing Stadium (Sports Ground)
  4. Post Office
  5. Electricity Company and Department of Water Authority
  6. House for the Vice Governor of Battambang
  7. Provincial Court
  8. Former Prison Location
  9. Wat Kamphaeng and Stupa of 1840
  10. Kamphaeng High School
  11. Sport Centre (Au Circle Sportif de Battambang)
  12. Sala Khaet
  13. Royal Residence (Royal Bungalow)
  14. Department of Tourism
  15. First Concrete Bridge

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