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Bathroom Renovations – 7 Useful Tips and Ideas for Remodeling

By Kravelv @kravelv

Bathroom happens to be one of the most important but oft-ignored places of homes. Even if you do not have a big bathroom, a small bathroom can be enough for you to do some remodeling. With some amount of creativity, planning of budget and construction, and going through home improvement tips, you can renovate your bathroom in the best possible way. For each part, you need proper planning and estimate so that the renovated bathroom lasts for a longer period of time, and no extra breakdowns will be required which can incur additional costs in your budget.

Make the visual space bigger

There is no need to always knock walls down and get plumbing moved. Few people actually have a master bathroom in their home. But you can do a number of creative things in order to make your small bathroom appear bigger and more beautiful. You can reduce the amount of storage space in the bathroom and probably have nothing more than just one cabinet. The space inside the bathroom can look bigger, if you use mirrors of different sizes or use glass partitions to make the perfect utilization of space.


Add luxurious elements

If you have a bigger bathroom, you can go the extra mile with your bathroom renovations and turn the space into a spa-like area consisting of a dressing room, which can serve as a space for relaxation and privacy. There can be other things such as:

  • A big comfy chair
  • Fireplace
  • TV
  • Cosmetic products
  • Small furniture products in white, thick terry-cloth.

Get more ventilation

Moisture is the biggest foe for a bathroom. Mildew and mold can damage your renovation and it is a good idea to set up a vent fan with enough CFM for every sq ft for your bathroom. According to a rough estimate, one CFM for every sq ft is appropriate for bathrooms which are 100 sq ft or smaller in space.

Let there be more light

More lighting can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter.


  • You can keep sconce lighting at the vanity, and ensure there is more uniform light on your face. It is a good idea to set it up at the level of the eye, which can reduce unpleasant shadows.
  • For a relaxing bathing ambience and bathroom renovations, you can opt for dim lights.
  • For applying makeup or for shaving, you need bright lights.
  • You can also try making your windows bigger, to allow more natural light and making your small bathroom seem bigger in appearance as well as fresher.

Hang a fashionable mirror

Fashionable mirror choices can go a long way to enhance your bathroom.

  • You can hang a stylish mirror in beautiful frame above the sink, to make a far more attractive bathroom.
  • Use a wall-mounted mirror which can easily be adjusted when you are applying makeup.
  • You can set up a lighted mirror in the shower stall.


Go for elegant fixtures

Instead of a chunky cabinet vanity, you can get a more fashionable pedestal sink having graceful lines. A classic tub with claw-shaped foot is similar to bathroom sculpture. The basic lines of lip, even when wrapped in a deck, can outmatch the beauty of even the latest acrylic versions.

Finally, you should opt for durable and anti-slip flooring. Stone, ceramic and marble tiles are very long-lasting and can withstand long hours of exposure to water in a bathroom. These hard surfaces can get warm when subfloor heating coils are used. Hardwood floors which are sealed well are able to offer natural warmness and can counter cold and hard surfaces within a bathroom.

If you have any question or want to know more about then go through this link to get detail information about bathroom renovations.

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