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Basic English Words and Phrases—the British Way!

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Everybody loves English, especially its versatility and variation. But if you would be asked which variety of English would you like to learn more, what would it be then? For me, I’d like to explore the wonders of speaking out English with its British accent. I don’t know to you, but for me it’s really fascinating how simple English words are pronounced so sophisticated. There is really something so unique in the British English that separates among other varieties of English.

I have collected some Basic English phrases that certainly help us identify the differences of British English over American. You see, British English differs not just on its pronunciation but also with how the words are being used. It is a state of fact that some words and phrases in American English are far too different compared to British. Some of these phrases are itemized below.

Ace – If something is ace, it means brilliant.

Beastly – Nasty or unpleasant

Best of British – If someone says “The best of British to you”, it simply means “good luck”

Cheerio – this is a British slang term for saying “goodbye”

Fringe – it’s commonly known as bangs.

Trousers – pants, in other words.

Wellingtons, Wellies – these are rain boots for Americans

Car Park – Parking lot

Motorway – Freeway or highway

Petrol Station – Gasoline Station

Carriage Railroad – Passenger Car

Electricity Board – Power or Electric Company

First Floor – In American, it’s second floor

Ground Floor – This time, it’s America’s first floor.

Letter box – Mail or postbox

Little bin – Wastebasket, or likewise known as wastepaper basket

That’s wicked!” – means “That’s great!”

To add the mentioned British words and phrases, care to watch the video below and learn both the pronunciation and basic words used in the given sentence.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Fascinating, isn’t it? I’m sure you’d like to know more aside from these Basic English words and phrases. Level up this essential information by learning English in England, or to any language schools you want to enroll that teaches English language in British accent.

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