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Basic and Useful French Languages to Warm You Up

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Learn french in montpellier: Porte du Peyrou.

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It could be extremely useful for anyone especially those who always like to travel abroad to learn different languages in a foreign language school. To learn multiple foreign languages enable you to interact and communicate to people around you without seeming egotistical enough to talk to others.

There are loads of languages to learn from. Whatever you desire to study, makes sure that this basically functional to you. If you, for instance, often travel to France or to any country that chiefly use French as their verbal communication, endeavor to learn French in Montpellier.

Montpellier is one of the best with scores of exciting sites located in the South of France. Even though that this city is not as large as to others in the country, its vibrancy and wide range of foreign language courses will absolutely make your travel interesting, at the same time, educational.

To give you warm up before you travel to Montpellier, see the basic and useful languages which locals use in their daily life within the country to give you hints:

French   translated to   English

Je vais à la banque   -   I’m going to the bank
Je suis fatigue   -   I am tired
Je ne suis pas fatigue   -   I’m not tired
Je vous aiderai   -   I will help you
J’espère que tu seras là   -   I hope you’ll be there
J’espère que oui !   -   I hope so!
Peux-tu nous aider ?   -   Can you help us?
Où est-il ?   -   Where is he?
Aidez-nous à le trouver   -   Help us find it

And the 8 of its most common words are as follow:

le, la, l’, les  -  means ‘the’
avoir   – means ‘to have’
il / ils – means   ‘he, it / they’
je   – means ‘I’
pas   – means ‘not’
ce   – means ‘this’
un, une, des   – means ‘a, an, some’
à   – means ‘to, in’

And to greet people using French, bonjour, can mean good morning, or can also be good afternoon, or hello. But when you greet someone a ‘good evening’ the French word to this is bonsoir. It’s fun to learn French, thus, if you are interested better plan to learn French in Montpellier.

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